Final Results of 2010 CCC Championship

June 24th, 2010

After over two months of competition, the final results of the Charleston CC Championship have been rated.  Go to 2010 CCC Championship and view how everyone finished.  Trophies will be awarded at the next meeting on Wednesday, June 30, followed by a simulteanous exhibition by the 2010 champion, David Causey.  Also, bring any chess books or equipment that you would like to sell, swap or donate.  Be sure to bring your board and set to participate in the simul.  See you there and be ready to give the new champion your best game!

GM Ftacnik has no problem with twelve CCC simul opponents

June 17th, 2010

GM Lubomir Ftacnik, after giving an instructive lecture using the last game between GM Anand and GM Topolov in the World Championship match, dispatched all twelve participants in the simultaneous exhibition that followed.  Not even a draw was recorded this year against the grandmaster, who just finished winning this year’s S.C. Open in Greenville with a 5-0 score.  Though all are “licking their wounds” from the grandmaster’s drubbing, they should have a chance to conduct a post mortem on their game and see where they went wrong.  As has always been said in chess, “we learn mostly from our losses.”  Many thanks go out to our SCCA president, David Grimaud, along with his sponsorship of GM Ftacnik’s tour of our state through Precision Tune Automotive Care.  Also, many thanks to the participants who came out to see GM Ftacnik’s lecture and take their turn over the board against such a formidible grandmaster.

2010 Charleston Chess Club Championship Results thru 6/16/10

April 15th, 2010
  Upper Section                                          
No. Name USCF # Rating   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Total Place  
1 Josh Nissenboim 12705060 1887    |||    WD    WD    WD    WD    WD    WD        1    
2 Stephen Welt 12812084  1907     –   |||                  4  2nd-3rd   
3 David Causey 10213606 1885     –     |||           .5       5.5  1st Trophy
4 Qianli Sun 14038551 1536     –        |||              3 5th   
5 Ian Morton 12780240  1767     –         |||     1         4  2nd-3rd  Trophy
6 Richard Hartnett 12655954  1558     –           |||          1  6th   
7 John Vonderlieth 12335210  1815     –     .5          |||        3.5  4th   
8 BYE                     |||      0    


  Lower Section                                    
No. Name USCF # Rating   1   2   3   4   5   6   Total Place  Perf.
1 Wally Jack 13956101  853    |||       0      1   0       1  5th   
2 Michael Doyle 14242725  Unr      |||         1         5  1st  1757
3 Gordon Miller 12936954  831      0   |||              3  3rd  
4 Wei Sun 14229182  601          |||      0       2  4th   
5 George Horton 12757688  642            |||          0  6th  
6 Paul Bryan 12553104  1357    1     1       |||       4  2nd  

Go to “Club Calendar” for scheduled pairings and results.

36th Snowstorm Special Results

February 8th, 2010


The 36th Snowstorm Special was held February 5-7, 2010, with a turnout of twenty-eight players participating.  Though numbers were down, the competition was up.  Many games featured rating differences of over 400 points, but were strongly contested to the bitter end.  Some draws were given up to lower rated opponents even by the best players in the field.  For the final crosstables, click the link below:   

Congratulations to FM Andrey Chumachenko, NM Philipp Lamby, Expert Kevin Kane and “Super A” (former Expert) Douglas Holmes for tying for the top place with a score of 4-1.  Many of our local players won or tied for many of the class prizes, in fact, a total of 18 players out of 28 participating won prize money.  Thanks to all who showed up to play and gave it their best shot.  For those that missed the tournament for whatever reason, notice that some prizes were given out due to the low number of participants in their class.  Don’t let that happen again next year!   

Congratulations Stephen Welt, 2009 Club Champion

June 23rd, 2009

The club championship was harrowing, well kind of. In the end it was a tie for first between Stephen Welt and David Causey with 4.5/5. As was pre-arranged the players were to play an indefinite sequence of 2-game mini-matches (G/45) until there was a decisive result. The first and second week experienced missed wins by both sides, and all 4 games were drawn. In week 3 of the playoff Stephen struck in the first game with a win in a Q+R+6 pawns vs Q+R+6 pawns ending. In the second game Stephen offered a draw in a winning position. The draw was accepted, ending the match.

Enjoy a video of this last game.

Qianli Sun won the reserve section.  After a five way tie for first, a five way playoff ensued in which Qianli Sun and Susan Reed tied for first.  The first game of their playoff match ended in a draw.  Qianli was then able to win the second game to win the match and the reserve section.

GM Lubomir Ftacnik Simul, June 13th 2007

June 13th, 2007

On June 13, GM Ftacnik visited the club for a lecture and a 15 board simul. He went undefeated, scoring 14 wins and 1 draw. His draw was against Josh Nissenboim who, after a single game against a GM, can brag about his 50% lifetime performance rating against GMs.

To see the game.

GM Ftacnik will be defending his championship in the South Carolina Open tournament June 15-17 at the Carolina First Center in Greenville.  Contact your local club or SC Chess for more information.

Sponsored by: Precision Tune Auto Care

1. GM Ftacnik showing the club one of his interesting games.

2. Club President David Causey getting a lesson in the King’s Indian Defense.

3. Our top junior player, Paul Miller, ready to give the GM ” a run for his money”.

4. The GM in action while John Vonderlieth, in the background, thinks about his next move.

5. Josh Nissenboim was the only player to draw GM Ftacnik.

CCC Championship – 2007 Results

June 7th, 2007

Congratulations to David Causey on a perfect 4-0 score to win his first CCC championship!! Jacob Al-Sarraf won 2nd place with a 3-1 score, losing only to the champion. In the battle for third between Josh Nissenboim and Clark Rivers, saw the first draw in the tournament.  Both finished with 2.5 pts. with the trophy going to Josh on the second tiebreak.  Thanks to all who participated.

Click here to view all the CCC Championship 2007 Games

The final crosstable

1. David Y. Causey 1986 W 9 W 8 W 2 W 6 4.0
2. Jacob Al Sarraf 1767 W 3 W 4 L 1 W 8 3.0
3. Josh Nissenboim 1436 L 2 W 5 W 8 D 4 2.5
4. Clark Rivers 1502 W 10 L 2 W 5 D 3 2.5
5. Dave Eslinger 763 W 6 L 3 L 4 W 10 2.0
6. Mark Skelcher 1640 L 5 W 7 W 9 L 1 2.0
7. Ian Morton 978 L 8 L 6 W 10 W 9 2.0
8. Fred Mayntz 1646 W 7 L 1 L 3 L 2 1.0
9. Paul Miller 1076 L 1 W 10 L 6 L 7 1.0
10. Christopher Miller Unr L 4 L 9 L 7 L 5 0.0