37th Snowstorm Special/Final standings

February 7th, 2011

Before departing with their prize money, we captured the above Snowstorm Special winners for the record.  Left to right, Wayne Christensen (Top Expert prize), Expert Donny Gray and current S.C. champion, Philipp Lamby (Tied for 1st/2nd).

37th Snowstorm Special —             Cross Table
February 4-6, 2011
Charleston, SC
Chief TD – Stephen Welt

  No.    Name                              St Rate 1     2     3     4     5     Score

   1. Lamby, Philipp (1)…………  SC 2190 D12   W15   W11   D3    W4      4.0  1st/2nd
   2. Gray, Donny (2)……………  GA 2099 W16   D6    D8    W5    W3      4.0  1st/2nd

   3. Christensen, Wayne (3)……..  SC 2056 W13   W5    W4    D1    L2      3.5  Top X

   4. Morton, Ian Gregor (7)……..  SC 1882 W14   W10   L3    W6    L1      3.0  Top A(tie)
   5. Vonderlieth, John (8)………  SC 1830 W19   L3    W13   L2    W9      3.0  Top A(tie)
   6. Murrah, Erik Lee (11)………  SC 1691 W18   D2    D9    L4    W10     3.0  Top B(tie)
   7. Falter, Christophe (12)…….  SC 1652 D8    L11   W16   -H-   W13     3.0  Top B(tie)

   8. Holmes, Douglas R (5)………  SC 1992 D7    W12   D2    D10   -U-     2.5
   9. Causey, David Y (6)………..  SC 1951 L10   W19   D6    W12   L5      2.5
  10. Sellards III, Harry (13)……  NC 1608 W9    L4    W18   D8    L6      2.5

  11. Welt, Stephen Alex (4)……..  SC 1994 -H-   W7    L1    -H-   -U-     2.0
  12. Musulin, Rade (9)………….  SC 1788 D1    L8    W15   L9    -H-     2.0
  13. Bryan, Paul A (15)…………  SC 1429 L3    W14   L5    -X-   L7      2.0  Top C
  14. Woodworth, Robert (17)……..  SC 1148 L4    L13   W19   D15   D16     2.0  Top E

  15. Goodwin, Bruce (10)………..  NC 1707 -H-   L1    L12   D14   -H-     1.5
  16. Doyle, Michael Mal (14)…….  SC 1473 L2    L18   L7    W19   D14     1.5

  17. Miller, Gordon (18)………..  SC  868 -B-   -U-   -U-   -U-   -U-     1.0  W/D
  18. Cook, Randall Burk (19)…….  SC nnnn L6    W16   L10   -F-   -U-     1.0

  19. Pilaud, William (16)……….  SC 1400 L5    L9    L14   L16   -H-     0.5

Check out the official USCF crosstable by clicking here – 37th Snowstorm Special 2011

6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial draws 27 scholastic players

January 23rd, 2011
Click on the following link to view the official USCF rated crosstable:  6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic

Folloween IV Results

November 21st, 2010

The Folloween IV chess tournament attracted  just 10 players in one section, but the competition more than made up for the low numbers.  In attendance was the 2010 South Carolina champion, Philipp Lamby, from Columbia, who scored two wins and one draw against three of the Charleston Chess Club’s top “A” players to take first prize.  Stephen Welt, Ian Morton and David Causey tied for 2nd with two points and split the 2nd and 3rd place prize money.  A special Under 1200 prize was created for the lower rated players playing in the main section and Charles Ommen and James Pollard split the prize with one point.  See USCF crosstable below for the  final results.

Folloween IV, Charleston, SC, 11/20/10

1st Annual National Chess Day and Festival Results

October 12th, 2010

The 1st Annual National Chess Day and Festival attracted twenty-one players and was battled down to the last games for a share of the prizes.  When the final handshake was made, Ian Morton and Stephen Welt shared first and second place with 3 points in the Open section, leaving the Under 2000 prize to David Causey with 2.5 points.  Ian reeled off three straight wins after losing to Stephen in the 1st round, while Stephen went undefeated with a win, two draws and a full point bye to tie.   In the U1800 Section,  Bob Halliday from  Columbia scored 3 wins and 1/2 point bye to secure 1st place.  Tied for 2nd were Paul Bryan, Mowei Tang and Michael Kruse.  The interesting story of the tournament was the participation of Trung Tran, a local computer scientist with SPAWAR, who had immigrated in 1992 from Vietnam.  He played in only one tournament in 1993, but did well enough to garner a 2051 provisional rating.  By his play in this, only his second USCF tournament, his rating should hold over 2000.  We look forward to his participation in future Charleston tournaments.  Many thanks go out to our fellow clubmember and Orbis, Inc. employee, Bill Mummert, who arranged access to his company’s classroom and was a gracious host of the event.

Click here for the USCF crosstable

Make a Difference – Benefit for Prison Chess

July 15th, 2010

Fifteen local players showed up on 7/10/10 at the Blackbaud Office on Daniel Island and participated in a two section Game 60 USCF-rated Swiss event to benefit prison chess in South Carolina.  This was the “brainchild” of SCCA Prison Chess Coordinator, Chris Falter, of Summerville, who organized and directed the event.  All proceeds were donated to fund prison chess activities under Chris’ direction in S.C.  As for the chess event, go to the following link to see the outcome of the competition – Make a Difference Game 60 Swiss.  Hopefully, Chris will stage another benefit for prison chess so that we can encourage more players to visit the excellent facility that hosted this event and help with this important cause.

Simul Results and Business Meeting

July 1st, 2010

We had a full meeting last Wednesday.  Club Champion David Causey finished his simul +8, -1, =3, a score that wouldn’t seem out of place with ones we’ve seen from GMs in our state.

Members also discussed and voted unanimously on a couple changes that will be taking place.  We will be adding a monthly kids/family night with a start time around 5 or 5:30 once the space becomes available to us in a month or so.  We will also be having continual 5 round Game :60 tournaments.  There will be one round each week starting July 7th at 8pm.  There will be a weekly entry fee and prizes given, details will be announced soon.  The change in starting time is designed to accommodate  blitz and thematic tournaments, players looking for casual games, and those members who have a difficult time making it by 7:30.  If able please come by 7 to enjoy some of these other activities.

Final Results of 2010 CCC Championship

June 24th, 2010

After over two months of competition, the final results of the Charleston CC Championship have been rated.  Go to 2010 CCC Championship and view how everyone finished.  Trophies will be awarded at the next meeting on Wednesday, June 30, followed by a simulteanous exhibition by the 2010 champion, David Causey.  Also, bring any chess books or equipment that you would like to sell, swap or donate.  Be sure to bring your board and set to participate in the simul.  See you there and be ready to give the new champion your best game!

GM Ftacnik has no problem with twelve CCC simul opponents

June 17th, 2010

GM Lubomir Ftacnik, after giving an instructive lecture using the last game between GM Anand and GM Topolov in the World Championship match, dispatched all twelve participants in the simultaneous exhibition that followed.  Not even a draw was recorded this year against the grandmaster, who just finished winning this year’s S.C. Open in Greenville with a 5-0 score.  Though all are “licking their wounds” from the grandmaster’s drubbing, they should have a chance to conduct a post mortem on their game and see where they went wrong.  As has always been said in chess, “we learn mostly from our losses.”  Many thanks go out to our SCCA president, David Grimaud, along with his sponsorship of GM Ftacnik’s tour of our state through Precision Tune Automotive Care.  Also, many thanks to the participants who came out to see GM Ftacnik’s lecture and take their turn over the board against such a formidible grandmaster.

2010 Charleston Chess Club Championship Results thru 6/16/10

April 15th, 2010
  Upper Section                                          
No. Name USCF # Rating   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Total Place  
1 Josh Nissenboim 12705060 1887    |||    WD    WD    WD    WD    WD    WD        1    
2 Stephen Welt 12812084  1907     -   |||                  4  2nd-3rd   
3 David Causey 10213606 1885     -     |||           .5       5.5  1st Trophy
4 Qianli Sun 14038551 1536     –        |||              3 5th   
5 Ian Morton 12780240  1767     -         |||     1         4  2nd-3rd  Trophy
6 Richard Hartnett 12655954  1558     -           |||          1  6th   
7 John Vonderlieth 12335210  1815     -     .5          |||        3.5  4th   
8 BYE                     |||      0    


  Lower Section                                    
No. Name USCF # Rating   1   2   3   4   5   6   Total Place  Perf.
1 Wally Jack 13956101  853    |||       0      1   0       1  5th   
2 Michael Doyle 14242725  Unr      |||         1         5  1st  1757
3 Gordon Miller 12936954  831      0   |||              3  3rd  
4 Wei Sun 14229182  601          |||      0       2  4th   
5 George Horton 12757688  642            |||          0  6th  
6 Paul Bryan 12553104  1357    1     1       |||       4  2nd  

Go to “Club Calendar” for scheduled pairings and results.

36th Snowstorm Special Results

February 8th, 2010


The 36th Snowstorm Special was held February 5-7, 2010, with a turnout of twenty-eight players participating.  Though numbers were down, the competition was up.  Many games featured rating differences of over 400 points, but were strongly contested to the bitter end.  Some draws were given up to lower rated opponents even by the best players in the field.  For the final crosstables, click the link below:   


Congratulations to FM Andrey Chumachenko, NM Philipp Lamby, Expert Kevin Kane and “Super A” (former Expert) Douglas Holmes for tying for the top place with a score of 4-1.  Many of our local players won or tied for many of the class prizes, in fact, a total of 18 players out of 28 participating won prize money.  Thanks to all who showed up to play and gave it their best shot.  For those that missed the tournament for whatever reason, notice that some prizes were given out due to the low number of participants in their class.  Don’t let that happen again next year!