May 13th, 2021

Charleston Chess Club scheduled to meet again on

Monday, May 17, 2021

Due to email outages of web editor, information is limited. See earlier posts for time and place of meetings at the new downtown location. We will update as soon as email is re-established.

CCC Meetings stalemated until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

June 23rd, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, CCC meetings have been suspended until further notice. This crisis has had a major impact on chess activity, but has probably increased the amount of online play. If you have not experienced online play, it is a good time to give it a try. We will post any news about meetings resuming as soon as possible.

New Venue for the Charleston Chess Club and Meeting Night

January 29th, 2020

Jim Bickley has announced that a new venue for the CCC has been procured with a new meeting night on Monday’s. The weekly meetings starting February 24 will be on Monday nights (7:00pm) at the education building of Bethel United Methodist Church in downtown Charleston. Bethel is located at the intersection of Calhoun and Pitt Streets, not far from the College of Charleston. This venue has twenty-five free parking spaces. The last meeting at the Church of the Holy Cross will be on Wednesday, February 12, with the last tournament at that site on Saturday, February 15. See the announcements elsewhere on this site for the tournament details. We thank all at the Church of the Holy Cross for allowing us to utilize the church facilities.

15th Pat Hart Memorial Scholastic, February 15, 2020

January 29th, 2020

Click below to download flyer:

46th Snowstorm Special – February 15, 2020

January 22nd, 2020

Fall 2019 Scholastic and Adult Quads – November 2, 2019

September 29th, 2019

Click below links to download flyers:

No Meeting on July 3, 2019

July 2nd, 2019

Due to the Independence Day holiday on Thursday, July 4th, there will be no meeting scheduled for Wednesday night, July 3rd. Many have said they have holiday plans and won’t be able to attend thus no meeting is scheduled that night. Normal Wednesday night meetings will continue on July 10th.

David Causey – Announcing My Retirement from the CCC

June 6th, 2019

As of July 1, 2019, my active involvement in the CCC will end as I am moving over 40 miles from Charleston and will not be able to continue my active role with the club. I will continue as the Treasurer until such time someone is elected to replace me so club finances will not go neglected. We desperately need interested and active members to step up and “grab the reins” to keep our club viable at the Daniel Island location.

Our club is financially sound and just needs the involvement of those that want to continue our weekly meetings and occasional Saturday tournaments. Over the years, we have been able to have quarterly one-day tournaments which have been well supported by both adults and scholastic players. This seems to be the most popular schedule and, hopefully, can continue in the future. All of our tournaments only require a “club tournament director” level so many could take on that role to help with our tournaments. I sincerely hope that many will be inspired to accept that task.

Since returning to chess in 2001 after a 10 year hiatus and taking on an active role with our club and our state association, it is time for me to step aside for others to invest their time and effort into the game we all love and appreciate. As I bow out of my involvement with the club, I will be available to advise and train anyone who seeks to replace the position that I have held for so many years. I’m always available by email or phone and will be glad to assist. Also, I will be attending my final meetings on Wednesday nights in June so I hope to see many of you before my departure.

Many thanks to all for your support and I look forward to hearing from you.


David Causey

CCC Championship 2019, May 11, 2019

April 11th, 2019

Click on the above file to download the flyer.

Matthew Johnson wins 45th Snowstorm Special

February 18th, 2019

With a perfect 4-0 score, Matthew Johnson won the 45th Snowstorm Special on February 16, 2019, and joins the list of accomplished players who have done the same.  Matthew was the second highest rated player in the tournament, but only had to beat the third highest rated player, Gary Firestone, in the final round to complete his sweep.  Gary had upset the highest rated player, Ian Barnett, in the 3rd round, which set up the battle of “B” players in the final round for 1st place.  Gary and Ian finished 3-1 and shared 2nd place.  Check out the following link for the USCF final crosstable:

45th Snowstorm Special 2019

45th Snowstorm Special and 14th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic, February 16, 2019

January 20th, 2019

A day of chess on February 16!  Two tournaments at the Church of the Holy Cross parish hall, the 45th Snowstorm Special with guaranteed prize fund and the 14th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic.  Download the flyers for entry below:

45th Snowstorm Special 2019

14th Patrick D Hart Memorial 2019

GM Simul on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 / Halloween Costumes OK

October 25th, 2018

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, we will be hosting GM Elshan Moradiabadi for a simultaneous exhibition with all members and guests.  The board fee is $10 for adult players and $5 for scholastic players, but if you come in your Halloween costume, the fee will be waived.  Treats will be provided but all tricks will have to be played over-the-board.  Bring your board and set and see how you match up against the grandmaster.

2018 Fall Scholastic and Adult Quads, Oct. 13, 2018

October 4th, 2018

In honor of National Chess Day, we are holding the 2018 Fall Scholastic and Adult Quads on October 13, 2018, at the Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island.  For pre-entry forms, click on the below link:

2018 Fall Scholastic Tournament and Adult Quads 13 Oct 2018

Note: Both early entries if received by 10/10/18.

No Meeting on August 8, 2018

August 7th, 2018

Due to floor maintenance at the church fellowship hall, we will not meet on August 8, 2018.  Our regularly scheduled meetings should resume next week on August 15.

Summer is here! Come out for the fun of playing your chessmates at the Club

June 7th, 2018

Now that summer is here and the days are much longer, join us each Wednesday for some skittles games and discussion.  Some of our old members have been showing up to see what’s been going on at the club and they are looking for some games.  Let’s not disappoint them, so bring your set and board and show them what you’ve got!  Summer is a good time to improve before the fall tournaments begin around the state.  Want to test a new opening?  Many will allow you to use them as your guinea pig and see what you know.  Hope to see everyone over the summer!

For those that would like to start an alternative meeting in your area, let us know what you are planning and we will be glad to advertise on our website.  The bottom line is “Play Chess”!

Stephen Welt Wins His 5th CCC Championship!

May 11th, 2018

2018 CCC Champion – Stephen Welt

The 2018 CCC Championship finished on May 2, 2018, with Stephen Welt topping the field with an undefeated 4-0 score.  This championship was Stephen’s fifth since 2009 where it had been contested between Elijah Neumann (4 wins) and David Causey (2 wins) and Stephen.  One of Stephen’s wins was a tie with David Causey where there was no playoff.  To see the USCF cross table from the event, click on the following link:

2018 CCC Championship cross table



End of the Year 2018 Scholastic Chess Tournament and Adult Quads, May 5, 2018

April 16th, 2018

More Chess!  Check out the below flyer:

EOY 2018 Scholastic Tournament, and Adult Quads 5 May 2018

Annual CCC Election of Officers – April 4, 2018

March 29th, 2018

Per our bylaws, the first meeting in April each year is for the election of officers.  We need our members to be present to have a quorum else it will be postponed until a quorum attends.  The election will be for president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Our officers take care of the business of our club and set schedules for tournaments and special events.  If anyone is interested in becoming a club officer, please contact one of the current officers and we can advise the roles of responsibility accordingly.

Also, our annual club championship usually begins on the second Wednesday of April each year, so sign up is between 7:00-7:30pm on April 11 with the 1st round beginning soon thereafter.  We are planning a time control of Game 75 with a 10 or 15 second increment.  Rounds will be each Wednesday thereafter with the number of rounds based on number of registered players.  USCF membership is required but entry is free for current club members.  Dues are $10 per year for those who need to join or renew.

Bring your sets and clocks!

See you there!

Lendel Robinson of Columbia wins 44th Snowstorm Special

February 19th, 2018

Lendel Robinson(1734) might have been last registering for the 44th Snowstorm Special but that didn’t keep him from winning 1st place in Saturday’s annual tournament.  Ranked 4th behind three “A” players, Lendel scored 4-0 including a win over Randy Mosteller(1824) of Elloree, SC, in the 3rd round.  He finished with a win over CCC’s own James Bickley who had three points going into the final round with a big win over Ian Barnett(1822) in the 3rd round.  Jim’s consolation was winning the U2000 prize.  Second place outright went to Stephen Welt of Charleston, who was the highest rated player, but took a 1/2 point bye in the 1st round and scored three straight wins to score 3.5-.5.

Also noteworthy was the performance of Matthew Johnson and Warren Sampson who each scored 3-0-1.0 to win the U1800 and U1600 prizes, respectively.   Just as many times in the past, it took only two points to win a prize in the lower rankings as James Poole II and Jonathan Satterfield won the U1400 and U1200 prizes with  2.0-2.0 scores.

To view the final USCF crosstable for the event, click on the following link:

44th Snowstorm Special Crosstable

44th Snowstorm Special and Spring 2018 Scholastic, February 17, 2018

February 8th, 2018

The 44th Snowstorm Special Open Chess Tournament and the Spring 2018 Scholastic will be held February 17, 2018, at the Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island.  Click on the below links for flyers and entry forms:

44th Snowstorm Special 2018

Spring 2018 Scholastic Tournament

13th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic, 1/20/18

December 20th, 2017

The 13th Pat Hart Memorial Scholastic will be held on January 20, 2018, at the Church of the Holy Cross on Daniel Island (same as our meeting location).  We are proud to have started this annual event in memory of Pat who served our club as well as the state in building chess activity.  He was a strong player in his own right and scored many local championship titles.  Come out and compete as a great warmup for the S.C. Scholastic Championships in March.  Click below for a flyer and entry form.

13th-Patrick-D-Hart (1)

Update –  Click the following link for crosstable results at USCF:

13th PHM Scholastic

Matthew Johnson, 1st place, K-12

Proud trophy winners!

Charleston Fall Scholastic 2017

October 4th, 2017

Mark your October calendar for Saturday, October 28, for the Charleston Fall Scholastic.   It will be held at The Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island, SC. in the Parish Hall.  Printout the following flyer for info:

Charleston Fall Scholastic 28Oct17

UPDATE –  See results at following link – Charleston Fall Scholastic 2017

Chess Book Sale!

September 2nd, 2017

For the next few months, David Causey will be bringing his old chess books to the club and sell them for a $1.00 or less!  All money collected will be donated to the club so bring your extra pocket money and add to your collection.  If any members want to do the same, bring some of your old books, too, and help your club.  Any sales not for donation to the club must be handled privately and not part of this promotion.  There will also be a special prize for the person who contributes the most from books sale purchases through December 31, 2017!

Elijah Neumann Wins His Fourth CCC Championship In A Row!

May 24th, 2017

The 2017 CCC Championship ended on 4/10/17 and resulted in Elijah Neumann’s fourth championship in a row.  He defeated David Causey to complete a 3-0 sweep of his opponents and take the first place prize.  John von der Lieth captured 2nd place with a 2.5-.5 result while Paul Bryan took 3rd place with a 2.0-1.0 score.  The Top Under 1500 prize went to our new club Vice President, Jonathan Satterfield.  Congratulations to Elijah, who will be leaving us for awhile as he seeks his fortune, and to the other winners who we hope will remain active players at our club.

Expert Elijah Neumann, our 2017 CCC Champion

2017 CCC Championship

April 14th, 2017

We are planning to begin the CCC Championship on April 26, 2017, with a three to four round Swiss.  We will have rounds each subsequent meeting night at a time control of Game 60 with a 30 second increment.  Entry fee will be $5 for club members and for those needing to join, the dues are $10 per year.  1/2 point byes will be available for those with conflicts.  We will have trophies for top scorers and a full return of the entry fees as monetary prizes.  The final format will be determined by number of entries and ratings.  You can pre-enter next Wednesday, 4/19/17, to help us determine how many our playing.  See you there!

Update:  1st round began on Wednesday, 4/26/17,with nine players.  You can still join the tournament for the 2nd round by just taking a 1/2 point bye for the 1st round.

Check Out Dennis Dawley’s Scholastic Rating Lists

March 23rd, 2017

Click on “Scholastic” at right to see where you stand!

Scholastic Rating Lists

March 23rd, 2017

Check out the below scholastic rating lists compiled by Dennis Dawley:

I’ve come up with four rating lists. The first one is Top 11 Charleston Area Scholastic Players. I chose a definition of, playing more than half of their tournaments in the Charleston area. So without further ado…

Charleston Area Top 11 Scholastic Chess Players as of March 18, 2017

1. Matthew Johnson  1530

2. David Dye   1470

3. Eli Moore    1435

4. Seiram Ramesh   1272

5. Robert (Alex) Hylton   1254

6.  Braeden Reed   1227

7.   Sam Stalnaker   1157

8.   William Tabakian    1151

9.   Matthew Stewart    1092

10.  Arden Richter    1060

11.   Alex Tabakian    1059


Second Scholastic rating list is “K8 and Younger”  (Pre High School)?  Note top 5 are same as K12

 1.  Matthew Johnson  1530

2.  David Dye  1470

3.   Eli Moore  1435

4.   Sairam Ramesh  1272

5.   Robert (Alex) Hylton  1254

6.   Sam Stalnaker  1157

7.   William Tabakian. 1151

8.   Matthew Stewart   1092

9.   Alex Tabakian   1059

10.   Brady Setser   1055

11.   Sanjay Ramesh  1018


Can we call this list “K5 and Below”?

 1. Eli Moore  1435

2. Robert (Alex) Hylton   1254

3. William Tabakian  1151

4.  Agustin Rivero  887

5.  Pierson Tran  870

6.  Daryl Dowty   837

7.   William Barnes  832

8.  Siena Boccabella  772

9.  Erica Oltmann   725

10. Campbell Lesher  690

11.  Zach Handel  671

This is the “K3 and Younger” rating list.

 1.  Daryl Dowty   837

2. Anderson Berger  657

3. Thomas Nguyen  648

4.  Logan Handel   558

5. Sam Boulware  538

6.  Chad Mason  517

7.  Stone Pham  504

8.  Graydon Foster  494

9.  Arju Maranpullatt  492

10. Jack Foster  484

11.  Henley Mathews  409

CCC Proposed Bylaw Change

March 3rd, 2017

Fellow CCC Members,

The Directors of the CCC are proposing a bylaw change to be voted on at our annual meeting on April 5, 2017.  The following will be proposed to our membership:

Presently, our bylaws read as follows:

“Sec. 4  Dues shall be twenty-five dollars due first meeting in January each year.”

The propose change would be as follows:

“Sec. 4  Dues shall be ten dollars per year effective the first of the month paid until the end of the twelfth month.”

(Example:  Dues paid on January 27, 2017, would cover one’s membership until December 31, 2017, or dues paid on April 5, 2017, would expire on March 31, 2018.)

Please consider our proposed change and offer any suggestions or questions before the annual meeting.

Hope to see everyone there!

43rd Snowstorm Special, February 18, 2017

January 23rd, 2017

The 43rd Snowstorm Special will be held February 18th at The Church of the Holy Cross parish hall as a 4 round Open Swiss.  Check out the following flyer for details:

43rd Snowstorm Special 2017

Update:  Click on following link for results – 43rd Snowstorm Special Results

Last round game between Elijah Neumann and Ian Barnett for the title.

12th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic, January 21, 2017

January 7th, 2017

The 12th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017, at our regular meeting site, The Church of the Holy Cross on Daniel Island.  For those that don’t know our club history, Pat Hart was a stalwart of the Charleston Chess Club as well as the S.C. Chess Association.  Pat not only kept the club in good standing, but also organized tournaments and other chess events for the community.  He served as President and Treasurer of the CCC and as Treasurer of the SCCA.  As a player, he achieved not only club champion, but also state champion, and an Expert ranking in OTB and postal chess.  He was a strong blitz player, also.  The most incredible achievement was that he was wheel chair bound, with limited use of his hands and body!  Pat had a wonderful wit, great intelligence, and unwavering diligence that manifested itself through his running of our club.  We honor his life by holding this tournament in his memory.  Check out the flyer below for details:


Update:  Click on the below link for final results:

12th PHM Scholastic Crosstable

Blitz Tournament? Give us your feedback.

November 21st, 2016

We are interested in holding a blitz tournament before the end of the year.  Email “[email protected]” with your feedback so that we can decide on a date and format.

CCC November Scholastic, Saturday, 11/12/16

November 4th, 2016

The CCC is hosting the November Scholastic on Saturday, 11/12/16, at our meeting site, Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms Dr., Daniel Island, 29492.  Click below for the flyer and entry form:


CCC News Flash: CCC’s own Elijah Neumann is S.C. Co-Champion for 2016!

October 17th, 2016

The 77th S.C. Championships were held in Columbia this past weekend and after all the games were finished, our own club champion is now the 2016 S.C. Co-Champion.  Elijah tied Columbia’s Ben Caiello at 3-2 and was 2nd on tiebreaks for the 1st place trophy.  His score does make him the co-champion and he can represent South Carolina at any event Ben Caiello is unable to make, including the Border Battle with North Carolina.  Congratulations to Elijah for his solid play and tremendous result.

No CCC Meeting This Wednesday Night Due to Hurricane Matthew.

October 4th, 2016

Want to Play a Rated Match?

September 23rd, 2016

For those members that would like to play a rated match, let us know and we can arrange one.  You and your opponent must have an established USCF rating and be within 400 points of each other.  The minimum number of games is four and you can choose the time control.  Games with Quick Chess time controls (less than Game/30) can play at least two games per meeting night.  Longer time controls may only allow one game per night.  It’s good training and good experience, so let us know if you are interested.

Learn to Play the King’s Gambit!

July 26th, 2016

This week’s meeting will feature our club champion (and Prez), Elijah Neumann, giving us a presentation on the King’s Gambit.  This is an opening that will test your ability to play double-edged positions where either mate or a material advantage will decide the game.  Sometimes, one player will have the material advantage only to succumb to mate by the opponent.  Join in and watch some of the variations in the opening that Elijah will demonstrate, then test yourself in a few thematic games playing both White and Black.

Grandmaster Lecture and Simul This Wednesday, 7/20/16

July 18th, 2016

GM Lubomir Ftacnik will be visiting our club on Wednesday night to give a lecture and simul.  Visitors are welcome to attend and watch the lecture, but if you want to play in the GM simul, there is small fee of $5 that goes toward scholastic chess.  Scholastic players can play for free, but the fee will only apply to non-scholastic players.  Bring your set and board if you wish to play against GM Ftacnik.

Update:  Thanks to all that showed up and attended GM Ftacnik’s lecture and simul.  Around 25 attended the lecture with 17 giving it their best to upset GM Ftacnik, but he held his own 17-0!

CCC will not meet on July 13th due to church event

July 1st, 2016

Due to a church event requiring all rooms, we will not meet on July 13th.  The next meeting on July 20th is a special event for the club with GM Lubomir Ftacnik giving a lecture and simul for our members and guests.  The simul is usually a $5 entry fee for non- scholastic players which supports our scholastic chess events.  The lecture is free to all, so don’t miss the chance to listen to a strong GM show how they think in complicated chess positions.  Be sure to bring your board and set if you plan to participate in the simul.

CCC Championship Winners

June 26th, 2016

2016 CCC Upper Section Champion - Expert Elijah Neumann

2016 CCC Upper Section Champion – Expert Elijah Neumann

2016 CCC Lower Section Champion - Robert Webb

2016 CCC Lower Section Champion – Robert Webb

The 2016 CCC Championship has finished!  Congratulations go out to Elijah Neumann/Upper Section Champion and Robert Webb/Lower Section Champion.  Other trophy winners in the Lower Section are as follows:

2nd Place – Matthew Johnson

3rd Place – Braeden Reed

Top U1000 – Sam Stone

Thanks to everyone for playing and supporting our club championship.

Click here for final USCF cross tables:  CCCCh2016



CCC Championship – Upper Section Playoff & Round 4 of Lower Section

June 13th, 2016

Our meeting this Wednesday, June 15th, will have some exciting chess.  Elijah Neumann and David Causey will have a playoff featuring two Game 15;d5 games, and if they are still tied, two 5min blitz games.  If there is still a tie, an Armageddon game will be the final tiebreak to determine the club champion.

In the Lower Section, the 4th round matchups should produce some critical chess for those vying for the top three places and the Top U1000 prize.  We plan to have a 5th round to determine the final standings.

It is important as we finish our championships that players attend and play their games.  This avoids further byes and makeup games so that we can finish by the following Wednesday meeting.  Trophies will be ready for the eventual winners.

Show up and lets have some exciting chess!

CCC Championship Results

May 26th, 2016

We still only have 4 players in the Upper Section with only three games played thus far.  After wins by Elijah Neumann against Jim Bickley and David Causey against Michael Gorlitsky in the first round, Neumann and Causey squared off in the second round Wednesday night.  After 50 moves, they agreed to a draw in a position that neither player wanted to risk trying to win.  Bickley and Gorlitsky was postponed due to Bickley’s absence, so their game will hopefully be made up next Wednesday.  In the Lower Section, fifteen players are competing and after two rounds, John King and Robert Webb have two points, but two games were postponed due to absent players and could produce another two point score for one player.  If games are not made up, they will be given a 1/2 point bye in order to pair future rounds.  Those that missed need to be sure to show up next Wednesday or you may lose ground to the leaders.  Hope to see another good turnout!

Update:  In the Upper Section, Bickley vs Gorlitsky was made up Wednesday night, June 1, with Bickley winning.  Next week will be Neumann vs Gorlitsky and Bickley vs Causey to finish the round robin pairings.  In the Lower Section, many players did not show after missing last week  so makeup games were not feasible.  Those that were not present to play the 2nd and 3rd round were given half point byes for games missed and eight players were paired for the round.  Reed vs King will be made up next week, but results for the rest were Neiffer (0) vs Johnson(1), Magill (0) vs Hitopoulos(1) and Fowler(1) vs Billings(0).  Trophy prizes for the tournament will be Champion and Runner Up in the Upper Section and 1st through 3rd and Best U1000 in the Lower Section.  Be sure to show up for the next round!  There still might be a trophy in your future!

2016 CCC Championship set to begin Wednesday, 5/18/16.

May 16th, 2016

We are taking registrations for those CCC members who want to participate in the 2016 CCC Championship.  Free entry is being offered to current CCC members and a reduced club dues of $15 applies to those signing up for the tournament.  With enough entries, we will try to have our traditional Upper and Lower Sections with 1st place and Runner Up trophies, accordingly.  This a your chance to play USCF-rated chess at regular time controls (Game 90;delay 5 sec) and at a schedule of one game a week.  If you haven’t done so, come check out our new site at The Church of the Holy Cross on Daniel Island and sign up to play.  Hope to see a good turnout!

Update:  We had only 4 players for the Upper Section (above 1500 rating) signup and play in the 1st round!  If any other players above 1500 would like to join in, we will take their registration on Wednesday, 5/25/16, and play another 1st round, then merge the two groups into the 2nd round on June 1.  The good news is that twelve players are signed up for the Lower Section and played their 1st round Wednesday night.  Their 2nd round will be played next Wednesday, 5/25/16. 

CCC New Meeting Site Brings Old Members Back to the Board!

May 6th, 2016

Our new meeting site at The Church of the Holy Cross on Daniel Island brought out some old members that have not attended in years.  Expert Lindsey Blanks and Michael Gorlitsky dusted off their sets and came ready to play.   It was good to see them again and we welcomed them back.  Overall, we had nearly a dozen attendees and our hosts invited us to continue using their facilities in the future.  With our new meeting site secured, our officers will now propose plans for our club championship and other chess activities.  Hopefully, our returning old members will join us in our future competitions.  For those that missed the first meeting at our new site, we look forward to them turning out and enjoying our new location.

Beginning May 4th, CCC will meet on Daniel Island at Church of the Holy Cross

April 22nd, 2016

On May 4th, our temporary new meeting site will be located on Daniel Island at the Church of the Holy Cross.  The address is 299 Seven Farms Dr., Daniel Island, SC, 29492.  Turn left at the corner when you see the church and park behind in the parking area.  We will be in one of the meeting rooms in the back building.  This is a temporary meeting site as a trial to see if it is adequate for our needs and chess friendly, i.e. space, noise level, etc.  If anyone knows of another adequate site for us to check out, let us know.

Charleston Chess Club will be seeking a new site in April!

March 8th, 2016

Due to the closing of the Park Circle Presbyterian Church, we will be looking for a new site for our meetings.  We encourage our members and guests to give us input so that we can make this transition as easy as possible.  Check the website often for updates so that you will know of any changes in our location, temporary or permanent.

UPDATE:  The Park Circle Presbyterian Church has told us that we can use their facility through the end of April.  We are still searching for a potential new site and want to remind everyone about our annual meeting on April 6 at the current location.  We can elect officers and discuss new site ideas with everyone.  Try to make this very important meeting.

42nd Snowstorm Special this Saturday, February 13th!

February 8th, 2016

The 42nd Snowstorm Special will be held this Saturday at Park Circle Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.  This year’s version will be a one-day, 4 round, G/45;delay 5, open tournament with cash prizes for places and top Under scores.  Check out “Upcoming Tournaments” at the right to go to the USCF TLA for the tournament.  Entry fee is just $25 and you can either sign up at the club meeting on Wednesday or at the site from 8-9:15am on Saturday.  Round 1 will begin at 9:30am.  This is an excellent opportunity to play in one of our annual tournaments without giving up the whole weekend!  Hope to see our players there!

UPDATE:  Fifteen avid players showed up for play with one overall winner, a four-way tie for 2nd, and other Under prize winners.  Check out the following link for the USCF final cross table:

42nd Snowstorm Special Cross Table


Happy New Year!

December 30th, 2015

Check out our “Club Calendar” for upcoming Wednesday night activities in January, 2016.

Christmas Blitz Tournament is a Hit!

December 22nd, 2015

Fellow CCC member and TD, Dennis Dawley, rounded up most of our blitz players and held a double round robin tournament at last Wednesday’s meeting. After the smoke cleared, David Causey took top place in the Upper Section Quads with a 6-0 score, while Robert Webb survived to win the Lower Section round robin followed closely by James Falkner and Colby Wright. Check out the results by clicking the link below:

Christmas Blitz

Dennis announced that he would plan another blitz tournament in January, possibly the third meeting night. Join us if you missed the December tournament and try your luck at blitz chess. A small entry fee of $5 is required to play, but most all the money is paid out in prizes.

Scholastic Winners!

November 23rd, 2015


On November 7, 72 scholastic players competed in the Charleston Scholastic Kick-Off! The competition was fierce but our players never wavered in their sportsmanship. 

All 1st place winners had perfect undefeated scores!

K-12 Open

1st: Braeden Reed 

2nd-5th: Brady Setser, Jack McDougall, Luke Wassung, Whit Suber

Top U800: Matt Stewart, Will Tabakian, Vince Apostolico, Pedro Araujo

K-8 U700

1st: Sanjay Ramesh, Sairam Ramesh 

3rd-10th: Chandler Henry, William Bailey, Bryson Eaton, Wes Baldwin, Will Barnes, Kendra Rogers, JT Ho-Mueller, G Simmons

Top Unrated: Vansh Nagpal

K-3 U300

1st: Agustin Rivero 

2nd-5th: Willem Burkhold, Stone Pham, Trista Walter, Arjun Maranpullatt

Top Unrated: Vivienne Sjolander

All players did an amazing job! Join us on December 5th for a rematch at the Charleston Snow Day Scholastic! (see Upcoming Events)


CCC Champion Elijah Neumann scores 3-2 in S.C. Championship; Places 4th

November 4th, 2015

Our 2015 CCC Champion, Elijah Neumann, held his own against strong competition at last weekend’s S.C. Championships held in Columbia.  Facing some of the best players in our state, Elijah scored 3-2, with two wins, two draws (against one master and one expert), and a lone loss against an expert, and was rewarded with the Top U2000 prize.  His rating jumped from 1968 to 1987, now nearly expert strength.  Congratulations, Elijah, and, as we always say, “Show us your games!”

Last Chance to Early Register for the S.C. Championships This Weekend in Columbia

October 26th, 2015

You can still register for the S.C. Championships at the CCC meeting this Wednesday night and get the early entry reduced fee.  Check out “Upcoming Tournaments” by clicking on the right side of the main page to get all the details about the tournament.  Any questions about the tournament can be posed to David Causey at this week’s meeting.  SCCA memberships are also available through David since he is the SCCA Treasurer.

Charleston Scholastic Kick-Off Tournament!

October 13th, 2015


Saturday November 7

Registration 9:15-9:45 am. Round 1 starts at 10:00 am.

Location: Laing Middle School Cafeteria (new building off Hamlin road) 2705 Bulrush Basket Lane, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Cost: $10 if registered by 11/1; $15 for registration after 11/1. USCF Membership Required: All participants MUST have a valid USCF membership. Please go to & click join/renew or see registration form.

Sections: K-3rd grade & USCF rating under 300, K-8th grade & USCF rating under 600, K-12th grade & any USCF rating

Tournament Details: Trophies to top 3 in K-12, top 5 in K-8, top 3 in K-3. Trophy to top unrated player in K-3 and K-5. 4 rounds. Swiss System; G:30 (each player has 30 min). The tournament will last up to 5 hours. Many players will be finished by 2:00. Parents may watch quietly from specified sections. Please remember to bring lunch & snacks!

Questions? Contact Stephen Welt [email protected] or 843-991-1116

Charleston Scholastic Kick-Off Tournament Registration Form

Player’s Name _________________________ Grade _________ School ______________________

Address________________________________________ Phone _____________________________

Email ____________________________ USCF ID#____________________EXP Date____________

□YES, I need a 1 year USCF membership. (Add $12) DOB__________ (req. if adding membership)

Division: □K-3rd Under 300 USCF rating □K-8th Under 600 USCF rating □K-12th Open

Mail form & entry fee to: Charleston Scholastic Chess, 835 Hale Street, Charleston, SC 29412

2015 CCC Championship produces repeat winners!

August 26th, 2015

Elijah Neumann and Zach Darga repeated their championship ways by winning the 2015 CCC Championship Upper and Lower Sections, respectively.  Both sections were decided by using a double round robin format with Elijah scoring 1.5-.5 against both Stephen Welt and David Causey in the Upper Section (over 1500) and Zach scoring 3-0 against all his opponents in the Lower Section (under 1500).  Congratulations to both our champions!


Elijah Neumann, 2015 CCC Champion

Elijah Neumann, 2015 CCC Champion


Zach Darga, 2015 CCC Lower Section Champion

2015 CCC Championship, Round 1 Starts Wednesday, May 6, and Wednesday, May 13

May 7th, 2015

In order to give our club players the chance to enter into the 2015 CCC Championship, we will offer two nights to begin play for Rd. 1.  Last night, we started with two players in the Upper Section and four in the Lower Section.  We will hold an alternative Rd. 1 next Wednesday, May 13th, so that others can join in.  Subsequently, Rd. 2 will begin on May 20th, with the two groups of first round players merged into the tournament.  Entry is just $5 and we will have “Champion” and “Runner Up” trophies in each section.  The Lower Section will be those rated under 1500, but anyone can play up into the Upper Section.  Don’t miss your chance to enter this year’s championship!  Time control for the Upper Section is G/90;delay 5 and for the Lower Section, it’s G/55;delay 5.  Half point byes are available for those that can’t make any rounds.  Email with any questions to “[email protected]”.  See you there!

Check Our Club Calendar for Upcoming Events

April 21st, 2015

Click on “Club Calendar” at right of this page.

Annual Meeting Tonight

April 1st, 2015

The CCC Annual Meeting for elections is tonight, April 1st, 2015.  If you have not renewed your membership ($25), you must do so before you are eligible to vote and play in the upcoming club championship in May.  Doors will be open at 7pm and the meeting will begin at 7:30pm, so any outstanding dues can be collected before the meeting begins.  After the meeting, we will discuss the format of our championship as well as possibly setting up a blitz championship before the regular championship begins.  Looking forward to seeing as many members as possible tonight so that you can have input into our future activities.

41st Snowstorm Special – 1st place – S.C. Champ Wayne Christensen, 2nd Place – Ian Bell (1654!)

February 18th, 2015

For many years, it has been known that the open format of the Snowstorm Special can lead to some major upsets.  Many a master has gone down to a Class A or B player in the early rounds.  For the lower rated players, generally a score of 3-2 will secure some prize money, due to the competition.  This year’s tournament was no exception, as Ian Bell, rated 1654, downed last year’s champ, Expert Donny Gray of Georgia, in round four, and went on to win his final round game to place second overall.  South Carolina state champion, Expert Wayne Christensen, who had beaten Bell in round two and drawn Gray in round 3, finished the tournament with two strong wins to go 4.5-.5 and take first place overall.  Congratulations to Wayne and Ian on a great tournament!

In the U1401 section of the tournament, James A. Williams of Virginia finished just like last year with a 5-0 result and took first place alone.  His travelling companion, Joseph Jackson, playing in his first tournament, lost only to his friend, Williams, drew another game, and won 2nd place with a 3.5-1.5 score.  For our friends from Virginia, congratulations and thanks for your support!

Commentary:  The Snowstorm Special is the only weekend tournament held in the Charleston area to give local players a chance to play without travel and hotel expenses.  Some of our club players played in this year’s tournament, as in the past, and we are thankful for their support.  It must be mentioned that those who did not attend should note there was no player under 1600 in the Open section, thus no prize was paid out.  In fact, some players withdrew that would have probably shared or won the U2000 prize due to Ian Bell achieving the 2nd place finish.  An U2000 player that finished the tournament with a 2.5-2.5 score (50%!) won the U2000 prize!  If you don’t play, you don’t win prizes!  “Food for thought” for those that think they didn’t have a chance after a loss in the early rounds of the Open section.  We may make some changes next year to encourage more players to attend, but, hopefully, if those that quit early or didn’t play at all will just look at the results, they should realize that they “left prize money on the table”.

41st Snowstorm Special Champion - Expert Wayne Christensen

41st Snowstorm Special Champion – Expert Wayne Christensen

41st Snowstorm Special - 2nd Place - Ian Bell

41st Snowstorm Special – 2nd Place – Ian Bell

Click here for the final USCF cross-table.

41st Snowstorm Special – This Weekend!!

February 11th, 2015

The 41st Snowstorm Special will be held this weekend, Feb. 14-15, 2015, at the Holiday Inn Express, Summerville.  This is the same site as last year and the accommodations were excellent.  Check out the TLA listing by clicking “Upcoming Tournaments” on the right and follow the links.  This is our only weekend tournament held here in the Charleston area so local players have a chance to play without travel and hotel costs.  Make this your “must” tournament for the year!  Hope to see you there.


10th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic sets record attendance!

February 4th, 2015


For the second straight year, the attendance at the Patrick Hart Memorial Scholastic has set a new record.  On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the tournament had 69 participants, breaking last year’s record attendance of 47.  These gains would not be possible without the help of our dedicated coaches and teachers who energize these young players into pursuing our beloved activity.  Our thanks go out to Stephen Welt, Ec Setser, Dennis Dawley, Derek Duncan, Zach Darga, and Eric Brunhouse for their efforts to grow our scholastic chess in the Charleston area.

Click here for the USCF cross-tables.

10th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic, January 31, 2015

January 14th, 2015

Pinckney Elementary Cafeteria,  3300 Thomas Cairo Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29456

4 Round Swiss System

Game 30; delay (0)

Entry Fee:  $15 (if received by 1/28/15; $20 at site)

USCF membership required (go online at “” to join or renew)

Sections:  K-3, K-5, K-8, K-12

Trophies:  Top 3 in each section; Top 2 U300 in K-3; Top 2 U600 in K-5; Top 2 U700 in K-8; Top 2 U800 in K-12

Registration:  8-9:30am at site

Sections may be combined for pairing purposes, if necessary.

Mail advance entries to:  Charleston Chess Club c/o David Y. Causey, 741 Dragoon Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Email inquiries to “[email protected]

Please provide following info with your entry:

Name & USCF #

School & Grade

Date of birth


Make checks payable to :  Charleston Chess Club

Next meeting on January 7, 2015. Annual dues!!

December 26th, 2014

Our next meeting will be January 7, 2015, which begins the new year.  Remember that annual dues ($25) need to be paid in January per our new bylaws.  With two scholastic tournaments being held locally in January and February as well as the Snowstorm Special in February, we have a busy tournament agenda for our local players.  We are looking forward to a very active chess year in the Charleston area!

Last meeting of the year, Dec. 17th, “Book/equipment yard sale or trade night”!

December 2nd, 2014

Since our last meeting of the year will be on December 17, let’s bring our used books and equipment to trade or sell on that final night of 2014.  It’s a good chance to slim down your inventory and maybe upgrade it with some new material.  Bring some cash just in case you need to “sweeten” a deal!

Important Notice: No meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 26, Dec. 24, and Dec. 31! Happy Holidays!

November 25th, 2014

Charleston Thanksgiving Scholastic and Quads enjoyed a full house!

November 24th, 2014

Thirty-six scholastic players and 16 adult players packed the house at the Charleston Thanksgiving Scholastic and Quads last Saturday, November 22, 2014!

Top winners were:

Braeden Reed/Daniel Island – 1st place Grade 6-12

Nathan Poillion/Daniel Island – 2nd place Grade 6-12

Timothy Wilson/East Cooper Montessari – 3rd place Grade 6-12

Kevin Fan/Porter Gaud – 1st place Grade K-5

Campbell Lesher/James Simons – 2nd place Grade K-5

Walker Bauknight/Daniel Island – 3rd place Grade K-5

Riverio Richardson/Sanders Clyde – 1st place Beginners

Lauren Center/Mitchell Elem. – 2nd place Beginners

William Meany/Mason Prep – 3rd place Beginners

Adult Quad prize winners:

Quad 1 – Chris Falter -1st     Douglas Hare – 2nd

Quad 2 – Zach Darga – 1st     John King – 2nd

Quad 3 – Paul Miller – 1st      Derek Duncan – 2nd

Quad 4 – Robert Hartnett – 1st     Martin Skelly – 2nd


Congratulations to all the winners and participants for making this a successful tournament.  Also, a special thanks goes out to the parents and coaches for their patience and support.



Charleston Thanksgiving Quads and Scholastic Tournament

October 13th, 2014

Date: November 22, 2014

Site: Park Circle Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 4701 Park Place, West Durant Ave., North Charleston (CCC regular meeting site)

Adult Quads (based on ratings using four players round robin format)

3 rounds, Time Control: G/55 d/5

Registration: 9-9:30am; Rounds at 9:30am, noon, and 2:30pm

Entry Fee: $15.00

Prizes: $30 – 1st, $15 – 2nd, in each quad

Scholastic Tournament:

In 3 sections, Beginners, K-5 and 6-12

3 or 4 rounds depending on entries

Time Control: G/30 d/5

Registration: 9-9:30am, pre-registration allowed

Rounds: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and, if  necessary, 1:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00

Trophies awarded to top three in each section

Email “[email protected]” for pre-registration form

Scholastic Kick Off Oct. 25

October 7th, 2014

Charleston Scholastic Kick Off

Chess Tournament

Saturday October 25

9:15-9:45am Registration/Check In

10:00am Tournament Begins

Bughouse side tournament at 3:00*

Location: Pinckney Elementary Cafeteria, 3300 Thomas Cario Blvd,Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Cost: $10 if registered by 10/20; $15 for registration after 10/20

Bughouse entry: $2 by 10/20: $5 after 10/20

USCF Membership Required: All participants MUST have a valid USCF card. Please go to & click join/renew. Temporary memberships available (see registration form).

Sections: K-5th grade with a USCF rating under 400

K-6th grade with a USCF rating under 800

K-12th grade with any USCF rating

Tournament Details:

4 Rounds in 3 Sections (Game time: 30 minutes)

Trophies to top 3 in each section

Trophy to top unrated player in K-5, top Under 600 in K-6, top under 800 in K-12

Swiss System; G30 (each player has 30 min)

The tournament will last up to 5 hours

Many players will be finished by 2:30.

Parents may watch quietly from specified sections.

Please remember to bring lunch & snacks!

*Team requests are encouraged (not necessary) but subject to TD approval. Start time may vary; we’ll begin once main event is completed

Questions? Contact [email protected] or 843-991-1116

Scholastic Kick Off Tournament Registration Form

Player’s Name _______________________________


Phone _____________________ Email _______________________

School _______________________ Grade: _______________________

Division: □K-5th Under 400 USCF rating □K-6th Under 800 USCF rating □K-12th Open

USCF ID # (unless playing in unrated)_________________EXP Date_________

□YES, I need a temporary USCF membership. (Add $8 for ages 12 and under; $10 for 13&up)

□YES I’d like to play in the bughouse side event

Mail form & entry fee to:

Charleston Scholastic Chess, 835 Hale St., Charleston SC 29412

CCC Club Members Treated to a Special Event – “Meet the Grandmasters”!

September 8th, 2014

Thanks to Stuart and Susan Chagrin for their hospitality in inviting CCC members for an afternoon luncheon with GM’s Irina Krush, Alex Lenderman, and Giorgi Kacheishvili.  It was a special opportunity for our members to meet and ask questions about top level chess while getting to know these very special chess players.  Irina and Alex were in training with their coach, Giorgi, and took a break to meet our members and socialize.  They can certainly include our CCC members in their fan base in the future.  Good luck to them both!

U.S. Women's Champion, GM Irina Krush (right center), GM Alex Lenderman (left center), and their trainer, GM Giorgi Kacheishvili (far right) joined by CCC club members for a photo.

U.S. Women’s Champion, GM Irina Krush (right center), GM Alex Lenderman (left center), and their trainer, GM Giorgi Kacheishvili (far right) joined by CCC club members for a photo.

75th S.C. Championships, October 3-5, 2014

August 28th, 2014

Just a reminder that the next big state tournament is the S.C. Championships in Columbia, S.C.  Check out the link below for details:

NOTE:  Be sure to reserve your hotel rooms by 9/01/14 to get the special $89 rate!

CCC will not meet this week!

August 4th, 2014

Due to an annual church function, the CCC will not meet this week on Wednesday.  We will have our regular meeting next week, Aug. 13th, and resume our weekly meetings then.

Results of 1st Charleston Scholastic (K-8) Team Tournament

July 30th, 2014

Four teams competed in the 1st Charleston Scholastic (K-8) Team Tournament last Saturday, July 26th.  Below are the final results and trophy winners:

1st Team Trophy – “Old School Gamers”, 1st Bd-Brady Setser, 2nd Bd-Jacob Koscinski, 3rd Bd-Austin Setser, 4th Bd-Bohan Wang

2nd Team Trophy – “Charleston Chess Club”, 1st Bd-Alex Hylton, 2nd Bd-Brandon Steen, 3rd Bd-Shiv Mehta, 4th Bd-Eric Brunhouse(adult alternate)

3rd Team Trophy – “Daniel Island”, 1st Bd-Braedon Reed, 2nd Bd-Nathan Poillion, 3rd Bd-Walker Bauknight, 4th Bd-Mason Bauknight

Top Scorers:

1st Bd – Tie between Pierson Tran(trophy on tiebreaks) and Alex Hylton (2-1 scores)

2nd Bd – Jacob Koscinski (free entry to PHM 2015 for 3-0 score)

3rd Bd – Austin Setser (free entry to PHM 2015 for 3-0 score)

4th Bd – Bohan Wang(2-1 score)

Note:  The 4th place team was from Mason Prep and was made up of Pierson Tran on 1st board, then followed by an all-girls contingent of Christie Tran, Sophie Nguyen, and Eshani Methta.  They fought hard and garnered a few points for their efforts.

Thanks to CCC Sec. Dennis Dawley for organizing and directing this new tournament.  Also, many thanks to our CCC volunteers, Alan Hopkins, Gregg Passmore, EC Setser, and Wally Jack for helping out with the tournament.

1st Charleston Scholastic Chess Team Tournament (K-8), Saturday, July 26th

July 13th, 2014

Click on the link below to see flyer:

Charleston Scholastic Team Tournament ver2

CCC 2014 Club Champion, Elijah Neumann, scores 5-1 in club simul

June 19th, 2014

Newly crowned club champion, Elijah Neumann, methodically downed all but one opponent during his club simul at last night’s meeting.  His only loss was to Alan Hopkins, while he dispatched Jeanie Herold, Wally Jack, Gregg Passmore, Doug Hare, and David Causey with losses.  Congratulations, again, to our new champ and we look forward to having him for the summer before he goes off to college.

Elijah Neumann, 2014 CCC Champion!

June 15th, 2014

The 2014 Charleston Chess Club championship is now complete and we crown a new champion, Elijah Neumann.  Elijah scored 4.5-.5 to take the Upper Section Championship trophy, followed by runner-up, Dennis Dawley, with 3.5-1.5.  In the Lower Section competition, Zach Darga swept the double round robin format with a perfect score of 6-0.  There was a tie for runner-up between Gregg Passmore and Wallace Jack, both scoring 3-3.  Congratulations to all our trophy winners and thanks to all who competed.

Click on this link to see the USCF crosstable: ”″


This Wednesday, as has been tradition for many years, our new champion will give a simul to all members and guest who attend the meeting.  Bring your board and set and see if you can knock off the new champ!


Annual Meeting – April 2nd/CCC Championship begins April 9th!

March 26th, 2014

The annual meeting will be held April 2nd with election of officers and report on the club standing.  We urge all members to attend and any old or new members to renew or join in order to vote.  We will discuss the upcoming club championship beginning on April 9th, so your input is encouraged.  See you there!

With the weather improving and Spring just around the corner, the CCC is back in action!

March 14th, 2014

Hard to believe that two meetings were missed due to ice storms!  Well, Spring is near and daylight savings time has begun.  With that, our club ladder continues with rated games each Wednesday night, so join us for some competitive chess.  As a reminder, our annual club championship will begin on the second Wednesday in April, so get your game in shape so that a possible trophy might find its way to your mantle this year!

Due, again(!), to our winter weather, the Charleston Chess Club will not meet tonight

February 12th, 2014

With the impending threat of bridge closures, we have decided to not chance a meeting tonight, but will, hopefully, be back to our normally scheduled meeting next week.

Donny Gray wins his third Snowstorm Special!

February 9th, 2014

Expert Donny Gray of St. Simons, Georgia

Expert Donny Gray of St. Simons, Georgia

Expert Donny Gray of St. Simons, Georgia, won his third Snowstorm Special in four years after going 4-1 in the annual event this past weekend.  The 40th Snowstorm Special was held at the Holiday Inn Express-Summerville, on February 8-9, 2014, and attracted 18 players from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.  Expert Patrick McCartney of Charlotte, N.C., finished 2nd with a 3.5-1.5 score.  Check out the following link for the USCF crosstable of the event:

40th Snowstorm Special

Other prize winners were Elijah Neumann and John von der Lieth who tied for the Under 2000 prize and Ken Fickling who won the Under 1600 prize.  In the Under 1401 section,  James Williams of Virginia won 1st place with a 5-0 score, with Eric Hill (NC), Zach Darga (SC), and Gregg Passmore(SC), tying for 2nd place.

Congratulations to all our winners!

40th Snowstorm Special and 9th Pat Hart Memorial Scholastic!

February 3rd, 2014

Are you ready for some local chess?  The 40th Snowstorm Special and the 9th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic is this weekend, Feb. 8-9th for the Snowstorm and Feb. 8th for the PHM Scholastic.  Last chance to register at the lower pre-entry rate is this Wednesday night at our regular meeting.   Each tournament TLA can be found in the  January issue of Chess Life.  Details can be found at the state website.  Just click on the following link:

SCCA Calendar

See you there!

Due to winter weather and bridge closures, Charleston CC will not meet tonight, January 29th.

January 29th, 2014

We’ll meet next Wednesday at our regularly scheduled time.   Remember to bring your entry fee for  those that are registering for the Snowstorm Special or the Pat Hart Memorial Scholastic on the following weekend.

Club News

January 15th, 2014

For those that have missed recent meetings, please note that there has been a change in our annual dues.  With an announced business meeting on December 18th, 2013, a vote was made to raise the annual dues to $25, payable each year in January.  For those that have current memberships expiring in 2014, they are still valid and we will work with you to pro-rate your renewal or else wait until January, 2015, to renew.  This change has been recorded in our Bylaws which can be accessed on this site.

The Club Ladder is still going strong with exciting games and upsets!  You can still join since the final talley for prizes won’t be until August, 2014.  You must be a current member and, for a $10 fee, can play many rated games during the year.

Also, we have some equipment and books for sale at great prices, so bring a few extra dollars and add to your library or equipment stash.

See you there!

Meeting schedule notice for holidays

November 22nd, 2013

There will be no meetings of the Charleston Chess Club on Wednesday, Nov. 27, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1, due to the holidays.  There will be a very important business meeting on Dec. 18 for a vote on an amendment change that will be published at the club and by email to all members.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the change at the meetings or keep a watch out for an email concerning this important issue.

CCC’s Elijah Neumann, 2013 S.C. Amateur Champion!

October 21st, 2013

CCC members who attended this year’s annual S.C. Championships in Columbia did not leave “empty handed”!  CCC’s own Elijah Neumann scored 4-1 in the Under 1800 section and tied with Joe Rochester of Greenville, winning the 1st place trophy on tiebreaks.  Congratulations to Eli for bringing home the “cash and hardware”!  Also winning cash prizes were club members Zach Darga, who won the U1200 prize outright, and Nathen Ritterson, who shared the U1000 prize.  Yours truly helped organize and direct the tournament while playing three games and taking two 1/2 point byes.  Winning two out of three games played, I managed to tie for the U2000 prize!  Miracles do happen!  My only loss was to the eventual winner and state champion, IM Alexander Matros.  I felt very fortunate to win two games against a talented young scholastic player, Kapish Potula,  and pretty WFM, Natasha Fairley!  Check out the below link for the USCF rated crosstable:

74th SC championships crosstable


CCC Ladder Continues!

October 1st, 2013

The CCC Ladder will continue on Wednesday night this week.  Don’t forget to bring your set, board, and clock, but we do have some sets, bags, and boards for sale for those that need one.   Triple-weighted sets and boards, together, are just $10.  Add a new bag for $15 more and you’ll be ready for tournament play!

CCC meeting on 9/25/13 will be a “Games Review Night”

September 19th, 2013

Bring your wins or your losses to get reviewed and discussed with a higher rated player.  Be sure it is a complete and accurate scoresheet.  This is a great training lesson to get you on the right path towards improvement!

CCC Ladder Has Begun!

August 22nd, 2013

To check on weekly results of games, click on “Results” in the right column.

Also, you can keep track of cumulative results by clicking on “Club Ladder” in the right column.  Be sure to check your results and advise us if there are any discrepancies.

International Master Danny Kopec to visit club on August 14th/Lecture/Simul/Books for sale

August 8th, 2013

IM Danny Kopec will be our guest on August 14th where he will give a lecture, simul, and have some of his books for sale.  All CCC members and guests are welcome to attend.  We do ask for a $10 donation from adults who would like to challenge him in the simultaneous exhibition.  Those proceeds go towards scholastic chess in S.C.  Any scholastic players can play for free!  Since he will be offering books for sale, be sure to bring some extra $$ in case you want to buy some.  Also, be sure to bring your board and set!  Any players planning to play in the Columbia Open can register at this time, also. 

Hope to see you there for this special event!

No meeting on August 7th

August 6th, 2013

Due to a church function utilizing the Fellowship Hall, the CCC will not meet on August 7th.  Some members are trying to organize an alternate site to meet and play so keep checking the message board for any developments.  We will be meeting again on August 14th at the normal site.

August 10th “Make a Difference III”

July 31st, 2013

The formally cancelled “Make a Difference III” tournament has been rescheduled for August 10, 2013.  Click on the following link to view the details:

Make a Difference III

Rated Quick Chess or Blitz? Arrive early and we’ll make it happen!

June 12th, 2013

In order for our club to hold rated quick/blitz chess, we must have all interested participants arrive between 7:00-7:15pm in order to sign up.  Also, to offset rating fees, we ask for a contribution of $2.00 to play.  If any are interested in a prize fund, we can set up an optional side pot for the winners.  Be sure to bring your board, set, and clock!

2013 CCC Awards Night pictures

May 9th, 2013

2013 CCC "Under 1500" co-runner up, Gregg Passmore (left)

2013 CCC “Under 1500” co-runner up, Gregg Passmore (left)

2013 CCC "Under 1500" co-runner up, Zach Darga (left)

2013 CCC “Under 1500” co-runner up, Zach Darga (left)

2013 CCC "Under 1500" Champion, Michael Doyle (left)

2013 CCC “Under 1500” Champion, Michael Doyle (left)

2013 CCC Co-Champion, David Causey (left)

2013 CCC Co-Champion, David Causey (left)

2013 CCC Co-Champion, Stephen Welt (left)

2013 CCC Co-Champion, Stephen Welt (left)

2013 CCC Championship Final Results

May 2nd, 2013

After the fourth and final round concluded, the Charleston Chess Club Championship will be shared by Stephen Welt and David Causey, who won their final games after drawing each other in the 3rd round.  Each player finished with a score of 3.5 – .5.  The “Under 1500” prize was won by Michael Doyle, who came out of semi- retirement to defend his title, scoring 2.5-1.5 in a field where he played both higher and lower rated opponents.  The “Under 1500 Runner-Up” prize will be shared by Zach Darga and Gregg Passmore, both with a final result of 2.0-2.0.  Congratulations to all the winners!

 We will have an awards presentation during next week’s meeting and make plans for some upcoming “Quick-rated” and “Blitz” tournaments.  Click on the following link to view the USCF-rated crosstable:

2013 CCC Championship Crosstable

CCC Championship 3rd Round Results

April 25th, 2013

The third round of the Charleston Chess Club Championship did not produce any real upsets, but it did produce some interesting fighting games and build the stage for the critical final round next week.  The following grid shows the results of the games:

Bd. White Rating Result Black Rating Result
 1 David Causey 1919   1/2 Stephen Welt 2030   1/2
 2 Carl Vero 1742    0 Ian Morton 1873    1
 3 Daniel Makowsky Unr    1 John King 1274    0
 4 Zach Darga 1003    0 Michael Doyle 1472    1
 5 Elijah Neumann 1450    1 Anthony Brown 1479    0
 6 Alan Hopkins Unr    1 Gordon Miller 964    0
 7 Gregg Passmore 1224   (1) BYE    
  Dennis Dawley 1964  (1/2) Requested    
  Jim Burden 2111   Withdrew    

Congratulations to Alan Hopkins on achieving his first USCF-rated tournament win!  It’s all easy from here, Alan!

Here are the current point standings for each player:

Stephen Welt 2.5
David Causey 2.5
Ian Morton 2.5
Dennis Dawley 2.0
Daniel Makowsky 2.0
Carl Vero 2.0
Michael Doyle 2.0
Elijah Neumann 1.0
John King 1.0
Gregg Passmore 1.0
Zach Darga 1.0
Alan Hopkins 1.0
Anthony Brown 0.5
Gordon Miller 0.5


CCC Championship 2nd Round Results

April 18th, 2013

Unlike Round 1, there were some upsets in Round 2 that will make the rest of the pairings rather interesting!  See below for the Rd. 2 results:

Bd. White Rating Result Black Rating Result
 1 David Causey 1919    1 Jim Burden 2111    0
 2 Stephen Welt 2030    1 Daniel Makowsky Unr    0
 3 Ian Morton 1873   1/2 Dennis Dawley 1964   1/2
 4 Anthony Brown 1479    0 Carl Vero 1742    1
 5 Michael Doyle 1472    1 Gregg Passmore 1224    0
 6 Zach Darga 1003    1 Elijah Neumann 1450    0
 7 John King 1274    1 Alan Hopkins Unr    0
 8 Gordon Miller 964 (1/2)      


2013 CCC Championship attracts 14 competitors

April 11th, 2013

Fourteen members registered Wednesday night to compete in the 2013 CCC Championship.  We decided on a Swiss System format to provide flexibility for those who can’t make it every night but still want to play.  If you have not signed up to play, you can still register and just take a 1/2 pt. bye for any rounds missed.  First round results are as follows:

Bd White Rating Result Black Rating Result
 1 James Burden 2111     1 Michael Doyle 1472     0
 2 Elijah Neumann 1450     0 Stephen Welt 2030     1
 3 Dennis Dawley 1964     1 John King 1274     0
 4 Gregg Passmore 1224     0 David Causey 1919     1
 5 Daniel Makowsky Unr     1 Zachary Darga 1003     0
 6 Gordon Miller 964     0 Ian Morton 1873     1
 7 Carl Vero 1742     1 Alan Hopkins Unr     0

No upsets in Rd. 1, but some games were closely contested.  Since the lower rated players are playing for the “Top Under 1500” and “Runner Up Under 1500” prize, the tournament will be really just beginning for them in Rd. 2! 

Hope to see more join us for Rd. 2!

Results of Annual Meeting and Elections

April 4th, 2013

President – Dennis Dawley

Vice President – Stephen Welt

Secretary/Treasurer – David Causey

Club championship will be a Game 90, delay 10 sec., with the 1st round beginning Wednesday, April 10th, followed by subsequent needed rounds each week.  Registration begins at 7pm and 1st round will begin at 7:30pm.  Get there early to register so that we can begin on time.  Entry fee is just $5.00 and we will offer trophies for 1st place and runner-up, plus an “Under” prize and runner-up to be determined by entries.  Club membership is also required ($5.00) as well as USCF current membership.  We will determine the rounds and format when we know the number of entries.  Bring your set, board, and clock!


Annual Meeting and Elections – April 3

March 14th, 2013

Just a reminder to all members, former members, and future members – our annual meeting and election of officers will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, at 7:00pm.  If you need to re-new your club membership or join, please arrive at 7:00pm so that we can take care of it before the official meeting begins at 7:30pm.  Dues are just $5 per year!  Also, we will be planning our club championship which begins the following Wednesday, April 10.  Join us so that you can be involved in the affairs of our club.  Hope to see you there!

8th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic – Results and Photos

February 21st, 2013

Click the following link for the USCF crosstable – 8th PHM Scholastic

Report and photos to follow soon.

39th Snowstorm Special – NM Klaus Pohl wins his tenth title!

February 20th, 2013


National Life Master Klaus Pohl of Greenville, S.C., winner of the 39th Snowstorm Special

NM Klaus Pohl of Greenville, S.C., won his tenth Snowstorm Special last weekend with a final score of 4.5 – .5, drawing only his compatriot from the upstate, Expert Wayne Christensen.  Two crucial games decided his final standing, one in the 3rd round when he defeated NM Philipp Lamby, and the other in the final 5th round when he defeated NM Pat Sciacca.  Lamby won against Christensen in the final round to finish 2nd, with local “A” player, Ian Morton, who also took the U2000 prize.  Sixteen players competed in the Open section, including the U1700 prize winner, “B” player, John Retarides of North Carolina.

In the U1400 Section of the tournament, local player, John King, and upstate player, Joe Rochester, Jr., tied for 1st-2nd with a final score of 4-1.  John was returning to chess after a long layoff and showed he was not “out of form” with his result.  Only seven players competed in the newly established “U1400” section, so we hope this will grow as players realize their missed opportunity to compete.

Thanks to all who played and we hope you had an enjoyable tournament!  We even had a little snow in Summerville to commemorate this special tournament!

Click this link to see the USCF final crosstable and ratings – 39th Snowstorm Special


8th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic Pre-entries

February 14th, 2013
K-12 Rating
Elijah Neumann 1439
Hannah Whatley 1016
Kevin Rogers 987
Joshua Hutchins 905
Zach Darga 900
Lucas McMillan Unr
K-8 Rating 
Alex Mazzeo 917
Austin Setser 613
K-5 Rating 
Vince Apostolico 692
K-3 Rating 
Brady Setser 713
Thomas Mazzeo 713
G. Simmons 634
Whit Suber 556
Kendra Rogers 500
Luke Wassung 391
Sophia Martin 292


39th Snowstorm Special Pre-entries

February 14th, 2013
Open Section Rating 1/2pt. bye  
Philipp Lamby 2222    
Klaus Pohl 2207    
Patrick Sciacca 2199 Rd. 4  
Wayne Christensen 2117    
James Burden 2111    
John Von der lieth 1861    
Ian Morton 1849    
Randy Mosteller 1816 Rd. 3  
Jay Mitchell 1742    
Bob Halliday 1737 Rd. 5  
Chris Falter 1715    
John Retarides 1624 Rd. 1  
Kenneth Fickling 1474    
U1400 Section Rating   1/2pt. bye  
John W. King 1258    
Chris Kenyon 1215    
Gordon Miller 932    
Gregg Passmore Unr    


December 16th, 2012

39th Snowstorm Special

February 16-17, 2013

5SS, 30/90, SD/1 t/d 5 (Rd. 1 G/90 t/d 5),

New Venue: Holiday Inn Express,
120 Holiday Drive, Summerville, SC 29483

Prize Fund: Open Section – $1000 b/30 ($500 Gtd.) U1400 Section – $250 b/15($125Gtd.)
Open Section Prizes: $400-200, u2000-200, u1700-200

U1400 Section Prizes: $175-75

EF:$50 for Open Section if rec’d by 2/13, $60 at site, $25 re-entry

EF: $25 for U1400 Section; USCF & SCCA req’d, OSA both sections

Schedule: Reg.- Sat. 8-9am Rd. 1: 10am, 2pm, 8pm, Sun. 9am, 2:30pm

Half pt. byes: avail. all rds., must commit before Rd. 2 for Rds. 4&5 (irrevocable)

HR: $85 (mention “Charleston CC”) reserve by Jan. 15, 2013 (843-875-3300)

Other info: Free entry to Masters and above($50 deducted from any winnings)

Info/Reg/Pmt: Charleston Chess Club c/o David Y.Causey, 741 Dragoon Dr., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Upcoming Tournaments for South Carolina

October 19th, 2012

To see the most recent “Tournament Life Announcements” for S.C., click on the following link:

Upcoming Tournaments for South Carolina

National Chess Day Quads – October 13, 2012

August 30th, 2012

Very light turnout for our annual event commemorating this special date.  For those that did support our cause, it was a competitive event and we thank them.  The following link is the USCF final crosstable:

National Chess Day Quads

IM John Bartholomew will be giving a simul at the CCC meeting on August 15th

August 9th, 2012

International Master John Bartholomew, who is playing in this year’s Columbia Open, will be visiting our club on August 15th and will be giving a simultaneous exhibition.  We urge all interested participants to show up at 7pm and support us in raising funds for scholastic chess by donating $10 to play the IM.  Just bring your board and set and be ready to give him your best game!  See you there!

Be sure to checkout “Upcoming Tournaments” and “Club Calendar” for new posts

August 8th, 2012

Charleston Chess Olympic Spirit Results

June 29th, 2012
                                  The Charleston Chess Olympic Spirit tournament was held Saturday, June 23, 2012, at the office of SPARC (2387 Clements Ferry Road on Daniel Island).  Six supporters attended and battled against a full array of rated players, some with surprising results.  Chris Falter, who organized the event and secured his company’s office for the playing site, also succeeded in placing first with a 3-0 score, upsetting last year’s tournament winner at this location, John Von der Lieth.  Congratulations to Chris for his efforts and well deserved result.  Below is a link to the USCF- rated crosstable for the event:

Charleston Chess Olympic Spirit crosstable

Charleston Chess Olympic Spirit Tournament, June 23, 2012

June 6th, 2012

Mark your calendar for June 23, 2012, to participate in the “Charleston Chess Olympic Spirit Tournament”!  All net proceeds will benefit the 2012 U.S. Chess Olympiad team.  Time and place: Saturday, June 23, 2012, at the office of SPARC (2387 Clements Ferry Road on Daniel Island).  On-site registration: 9:15am-9:45am  Rounds: 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:15pm.  Entry fee: $10 (USCF membership required; join online at “”)  Time control:  Game/50min + 10 second increment.  Format: TBD based on attendance.  Advance entry/contact:  Charleston Chess Club c/o Chris Falter, 213 Goldfinch Ln, Summerville, SC 29485 (ph#843-696-8277) 

Come support our men’s and women’s teams while having fun!  The Charleston Chess Club thanks SPARC for their generous support.

Update:  Chris Falter wins 3-0!  Picture and crosstable coming soon!

Stephen Welt dominates field to repeat as CCC Champion for 2012

May 24th, 2012

The 2012 CCC Championship finished last Wednesday night and Expert Stephen Welt repeated as the Upper Section champion with a 5-0 score.  David Causey scored 3 1/2 – 1 1/2 to finish as the runner-up.  In the Lower Section Championship, Wando High junior, Elijah Neuman, scored 3-0 to dominate that section and become the Lower Section Champion.  (To top off his great showing, he scored 2 1/2- 1/2 in the CCC Fundraiser held on Saturday, 5/19/2012, to tie for 1st amongst some of the CCC’s top players!  Nothing like a two hundred point plus rating increase to get your rating up!)  Ken Fickling scored 2.0 – 1.0 to finish as the Lower Section runner-up.  Check out the link below for the crosstables and photos of the champions and runner-up’s:

2012 CCC Championship/CCC G75 Fundraiser crosstables

Game 75 Quads Fund Raiser

April 26th, 2012

Charleston Chess Club

Game 75 Quads Fund Raiser

For Park Circle Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

When:  Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where:  Park Circle Presbyterian Church, 4701 Park Place at West Durant Ave., N. Charleston, SC 29406

Format will be Game 75 Quads based on attendance.  Quads that have all USCF members will be rated.

Registration:  8:00am – 9:00am

Rounds:  9:30am, 12:45pm, 3:30pm

We are asking for a minimum donation of $10.00, but more will be welcomed to help defray the cost of our hosts for allowing us to utilize their facility on a weekly basis throughout the year.

All players are welcome to play in order to support our event.

Even if you cannot play, any donation would be appreciated to help our cause!

2012 Club Championship has begun!

April 18th, 2012

The 2012 Charleston CC championship began on April 11 with four players in the Top Section playing a Quad format and four players in the Lower Section playing also a Quad format.  If others want to join, you can register on Wednesday, April 18, and we will either expand the sections or with enough numbers, add an additional Quad with a future playoff of the winners of each Quad in their section.  The key is to be at the club meeting by 7pm so that we can determine how to place you in the competition.  Entry is free to current club members, so just bring your set and clock.

Results thru 5/16/12 (Note: Morton and Vonderlieth have been added to the Upper Section to make it a 6 player Round Robin.  Colors have been adjusted to ensure players have no more than three Black’s.):

Upper Section                                              
Rd 1       Rd 2       Rd 3       Rd 4       Rd 5      
Vero 0 Causey 1 Dawley .5 Vero .5 Vero Morton Vero _ Vonderlieth _ Welt 1 Vero 0
Vonderlieth 1 Morton 0 Vonderlieth Welt Causey Welt Morton _ Welt _ Morton 1 Dawley 0
Welt  Dawley | Causey  Morton   Vonderlieth Dawley  Dawley .5 Causey .5 Causey 1 Vonderlieth 0
Lower Section                                              
Rd 1       Rd 2       Rd 3                        
Fickling 1 Jack 0 Jack Miller Neuman Jack                  
Neuman 1 Miller 0 Fickling 0 Neuman 1 Miller Fickling                  

Elections and Club Championship

April 3rd, 2012

The election of club officers will be held on April 4th during our weekly meeting.  Our club championship will begin the following week, April 11th.

Don’t forget to bring $5 to join or re-new your club membership!

*Results of Annual Meeting Elections:  Pres. – Stephen Welt, V-Pres. – Dennis Dawley, Sec. – Ian Morton, Treas. – David Causey

Congratulations for winning  another term in office!

Take the Chess Career Test!

March 1st, 2012

For all you long-time players as well as newcomers, try taking the “Chess Career” test by clicking on the link on the right side of the home page.  See how you measure up as a veteren chess player.  It’s just for fun, but it is a good way to see how much your involvement has been throughout your chess career.  Give us your feedback on the message board.

Ananth Pappu and Donny Gray share 38th Snowstorm Special title

February 10th, 2012
 The 38th Snowstorm Special was held February 11-12, 2012, at the Best Western Plus Downtown, Charleston.  Twenty-four players competed for top places plus class prizes with the final outcome not decided until late afternoon on Sunday.  Local National Master Ananth Pappu and Expert Donny Gray from Augusta, Georgia, tied for 1st-2nd with a 4-1 final score.  Local player, John Von Der Lieth, won the Top “A” prize with an undefeated score of 3.5-1.5.  Seth Taylor-Brill from North Carolina won the Top “B” prize with a 3-2 final score.  John Schnacke, also a local player, won the Top “C” prize with a final score of 3.5-1.5 and gained 98 rating points to boot!  The Top “D” prize was a given for local Ken Fickling since he was the only entry in that class, but he proved deserving with a solid win over a “C” player in the final round after having two 1/2 point byes on Saturday.  The Top “E” prize came down to the Navy versus the Marine Corps in the final round, with Navy petty officer, Gordon Miller, facing off against a visiting Marine from Beaufort, David Ortiz, in the final round.  Ortiz won the game and claimed the Top “E” prize for the Marine Corps.  Thanks to all who attended and supported our hertiage tournament in Charleston.  Below are some photos taken during and after the competition:

 Click on the following link for the final rated crosstable:  38th Snowstorm Special 2012


38th Snowstorm Special, Feb. 11-12, 2012

February 3rd, 2012

The 38th Snowstorm Special will be held begining Saturday, February 11, 2012, with rounds 1-3 that day and rounds 4-5 on Sunday.  This is a change from past Snowstorm’s, but actually it reverts back to the original format in the early years.  In a effort to reduce entry fee costs for our players, but still maintain the same class prizes of $100, we have gone to the 2 day schedule by reducing the cost of the meeting room by one day.  We encourage all of our local players to not miss the opportunity to play in a weekend tournament in their home area, thus saving on hotel and travel costs.  Early registration at the lower $50 entry fee is available until Wednesday, Feb. 8, and if you cannot get it in the mail before then, just stop by our club meeting that night and you can still register for the lower rate.  USCF and SCCA membership is required for play.  If your USCF membership has expired, you can renew online at “”, but if you just need a SCCA membership, you can join or renew at registration.  SCCA memberships are just $10 a year for adults and $5 a year for juniors under 19 years of age.

Our annual Snowstorm Special is considered a “heritage” event by the USCF, having been held for more than 25 years.  It is our premier tournament in Charleston and is proud to have not only strong International Masters as winners, but also some of our best local players.  This year’s tournament has been tailored more towards the “class” player, since it does not offer grand prix points to attract touring masters, but instead focuses on giving the class players a chance to win either a place prize or a class prize.  For those that have not played in awhile, dust off that set and clock, confirm your USCF membership, and get your entry fee in so that you can “capture the glory” once again with your “over-the-board” chess prowess!

The site for this year’s tournament is the same as in the past few years, the Best Western Plus Downtown near the corner of Spring St. and Lockwood Blvd.  Parking is free and there are many eateries nearby, including a restaurant in the hotel.  We look forward to seeing our regular tournament players, but are always encouraged by those that show up and support our tournament as their lone annual tournament.  Newcomers are welcome and we will help with the details of joining all the required associations so that you can become a rated tournament player. 

The tournament announcement details can be viewed by clicking on “Upcoming Tournaments” on the right side of the home page.  Any questions can be sent to David Causey (email:[email protected]).

Looking forward to seeing all our players!

7th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic – Results

January 22nd, 2012

CCC member, Kean Balentine, accepting the K-8 2nd place trophy from S.C. Scholastic Coordinator, David Whatley


A total of twenty-two scholastic players turned out for the 7th annual edition of the Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic chess tournament held at the Best Western Plus Downtown in Charleston this past Saturday.  After four rounds of competitive play, the final standings were as follows:           

K-12(K-8 Combined) Cross Table 

No. Name                            St Rate     1     2     3     4     Score           

1. Fleming, Perry R (1)………. SC 1117 W4 W5 W2 D3     3.5     1st K-8  

2. Carroll, Austin Re (2)…….. SC 1108 W7 W3 L1 W4     3.0     1st K-12           

3. Balentine, Kean (3)……….. SC 1106 W6 L2 W5 D1       2.5     2nd K-8    

 4. Whatley, Hannah V (4)….. SC 1009 L1 -B- W6 L2       2.0     2nd K-12           

5. Radev, Simeon (5)……….. SC 814    -B- L1 L3 W7         2.0     3rd K-8      

6. Utley, Eugene R (7)……….SC nnnn L3 W7 L4 -B-        2.0      3rd K-12         

7. Blackman,III, Bardin (6). SC nnnn L2 L6 -B- L5          1.0          


K-5 Cross Table 

 No. Name                           St   Rate   1     2     3     4      Score           

1. Younce, Tres (5)………….. SC nnnn L3  W5 -B-  W2    3.0    1st  

2. Setser, Austin Tho (1)…….SC 576   W4 D3 W5 L1       2.5    2nd           

3. Healy, Aiden James (2)…. SC 563   W1 D2  D4 -H-      2.5    3rd    

 4. Myers, Donovan Way (3).. SC 538   L2 -B-  D3  D5      2.0           

5. Desplaces, Jack Ro (4)…… SC 430 -B-  L1   L2  D4       1.5      


K-3 Cross Table 

 No. Name                               St  Rate      1     2     3     4    Score           

1. Apostolico, Vince (3)……… SC 678      W6 W7 W3 W5 4.0    1st  

2. Mini, Ulisse (9)………………. SC nnnn    L3 W8 W6 W7 3.0    2nd           

3. Setser, Brady P (2)……….. …SC 750     W2 W5 L1 D4    2.5   3rd(TB)    

 4. Osborne, Riley Wil (7)…….. SC 213      -B-  W9 L5 D3    2.5           

5. Varadarajan, Varun (1)…… NC 858     W8 L3 W4 L1     2.0      

6. Lewis, Jacob (8)…………….. SC nnnn    L1 W10 L2 W8  2.0         

7. Swanson, Adam Mich (4)…. SC 386     W10 L1 D9 L2    1.5          

8. Lewis, Joshua (5)…………. …SC 338      L5 L2 W10 L6   1.0           

9. Healy, Sean Stuart (6)……… SC 320     -H- L4 D7  L10   1.0          
10. Wassung, Luke (10)…………SC nnnn  L7 L6 L8    W9    1.0          


Congratulations to all the trophy winners  and many thanks to the participants and parents for another successful PHM Scholastic!           









Upcoming Tournaments!

December 8th, 2011

May 19, 2012  –  Charleston Chess Club/Park Circle Fundraiser

May 25-27, 2012  –  The South Carolina Open, Greenvile, SC

Don’t miss your locally held tournaments!

Check out the details on the above tournaments and others by clicking “Upcoming Tournaments” on the right of this page.

December Scholastic Tournament Results!

December 6th, 2011

The December Scholastic Tournament this past weekend in Charleston was attended by almost 30 very talented players! Many up-and-coming chess stars came out to Pinckney Elementary on December 3rd to battle for glory (and trophies!). Filled with enthusiasm, and showing unparalleled sportsmanship, these scholastic players are a force to be reckoned with.

Members of the Charleston Chess Club had better watch out for these faces in the next few years; they’ll give you a run for your money!

Hopefully we’ll see all of these promising young players, and more, at the Pat Hart Scholastic Tournament on January 21st, 2012!

–posted by Susan Reed

CCC will meet on Wednesday, November 23rd

November 21st, 2011

Just so our CCC members and guests can get in some last minute games before the Thanksgiving holiday, the club will meet on Wednesday night at 7pm.  In the past, we have had reasonably good turnouts before the holiday, so plan to come out and play some chess.

Charleston Scholastic Kickoff III

October 6th, 2011

Charleston Scholastic Chess Kick Off Tournament

Saturday, Nov. 5th

10:00 a.m.

Location: Charles Pinckney Elementary Cafeteria

3300 Thomas Cario Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Cost: $10 to enter

All participants MUST have a valid USCF card.

Please go to and click USCF (left side).

Then click join/renew (top right).

Tournament Details:

USCF Rated

4 Rounds in 3 Sections*

K-2, K-5, K-12

Game time: 30 minutes*

1st Round starts at 10:30

Swiss System

The tournament will last up to 5 hours

Many players will be finished by 2:30.

Parents may watch quietly from specified sections.

Please remember to bring lunch & snacks!

*Number of rounds and game duration may be subject to slight alterations depending on

section size. Sections may be combined for pairing purposes only.


Contact [email protected] or 843-991-1116

2nd Annual National Chess Day and Festival, Oct. 7-9, 2011

September 2nd, 2011

Mark you calendar and get prepared for the 2nd Annual National Chess Day and Festival being held Oct. 7-9, 2011, at the Hawthorn Suites, 2455 Savannah Hwy (US 17S), Charleston, S.C.  Be sure to take advantage of the early entry fee of $49 if received before 9/07/11; otherwise, it’s $59 thereafter and at the site.  Check out the following link at the SCCA site for details – 2nd Annual National Chess Day and Festival or click on “Upcoming Tournaments” on our main page.  This is an important event for Charleston chess since it’s the largest tournament being held in our state commemorating this important date.

Early report:  Final standings at  following link – 2nd Annual National Chess Day

Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik – Lecture and Simul – Aug. 24th, 7pm

August 11th, 2011

Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik of Slovakia will be at our club on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011, to present a chess lecture and simultaneous exhibition.  The lecture is free to all members and guests, while for the simul, we request a $5 contribution from adult players which goes towards scholastic chess.  Scholastic players can play for free!  Join us at 7:00pm to attend both events and bring your set and board if you plan to play in the simul.  GM Ftacnik has attended twice before in the past and has given very instructive lectures on famous games.  His tour of our state has been sponsored by the generosity of Precision Tune Auto Care.

Check out his info at Wikipedia – GM Lubomir Ftacnik

“Make a Difference 2” attracts fourteen players

July 25th, 2011

The “Make a Difference 2” chess tournament held on Saturday, July 23rd, brought out fourteen supporters who graciously donated their entry fees for the benefit of the fledgling Summerville High Chess Club.  The organizer and tournament director, Chris Falter(pictured below, right), held the tournament in the office of SPARC on Daniel Island, where he is employed.  The conditions where excellent for the players, where the amenities in the office were well suited for creativity and thought. 

With numerous players from the Charleston Chess Club as well as high school players, a Swiss-system format was used, so many of the newcomers had games against higher rated players.  After three rounds, the only player achieving a 3-0 score was CCC member, John Vonderlieth, a long-time class “A” player and former Expert.  Congratulations to John for his effort!  

For the benefit of the younger players, the CCC offered a free set and board for the top player under 1400.  After tiebreaks, Joshua Hutchins(pictured below, left), won the prize and has an extra set and board to help with his chess career.  Thanks to all who participated and keep up the good chess! 

Best under 1400 - Joshua Hutchins

G: 75 Swiss starting 7/27

July 21st, 2011

We will be starting a 3 round G:75 Swiss this Wednesday.  Feel free to miss any week, half point byes will be available for all our Swiss formatted tournaments during club!

7/13 and 7/20

July 11th, 2011

This week, 7/13,  we will be doing another G:30 quad.  The following week, 7/20, we will be having a business meeting to discuss what activities we would like to do in the coming weeks.  After the business meeting, on the 20th, current club champion Stephen Welt will be performing a simul, he promises to play quickly if not very well.

G: 30 Quads . . . again!

July 2nd, 2011

We will be doing more G:30 quads this week (7/6) as we wait for the CCCC to finish up.

“Make a Difference 2” Chess Tournament

June 29th, 2011

On Saturday, July 23, 2011, the Charleston Chess Club will host a USCF-rated tournament at the office of SPARC on Daniel Island.  The net proceeds from the $10 entry fee will be used to assist the fledgling chess program at Summerville High School.  Time control: G/60 (45′ + 15″ with increment clock).  Registration: 9-9:30am. Rounds:  9:45am, 1pm, and 3:15pm.  Tournament format (Swiss,  quads, etc.) will be decided based on number and rating profile of participants.  USCF membership required.  Pre-registration and contact: Chris Falter, 213 Goldfinch Ln., Summerville, SC 29485 (843)-696-8277.  Come have fun and make a difference!

Action Quads 6/29!

June 22nd, 2011

3 round round robin.  G: 30.  EF: $3  1st- $10.

At the request of one of our newest members National Master Ananth Pappu we will be doing G:30 quads next week.  Although the lower section of our club championship is yet to be completed many of the participants are finished and we encourage players in all sections to come out and play.  This format, one of my favorites, is a great opportunity for players to get a lot of rated games into one night.

If you are wishing to play please show up before 7:30, when we will be starting.

Stephen Welt, 2011 CCC Champion!

June 16th, 2011

2011 Club Champion, Stephen Welt (L) and Runner Up, Ananth Pappu

 With a victory against new CCC member,  NM Ananth Pappu, in the final game of the Upper Section last night, club president, Stephen Welt, becomes our 2011 Club Champion.  Many games in the Upper Section came down to flag-hanging conclusions for many of the players.  Stephen, after dropping one game against fellow A player, Dennis Dawley, survived the other competition to score 4-1 and take the title.  Ananth, who also dropped a previous game against John Vonderlieth, survived to the final game against Stephen, but succumbed to Stephen’s pressure play, but was still rewarded for his effort with the Runner Up trophy.  Congratulations to Stephen and Ananth for their hard-earned prizes.

2011 CCC Championship

April 14th, 2011

Revised (#2):  The 2011 CCC Championship has begun with twelve club members participating in two sections.  The following round robin crosstables reflect games played thus far (for pairings, click on “Club Calendar”):

  Upper Section                                    
No. Name Rating   1     2    3    4     5    6             Total
 1 David Causey 1907  X     .5     0      1     0      0             1.5
 2 Dennis Dawley 1987  .5     X     0      0     1     1             2.5
 3 Ananth Pappu 2215   1      1    X      1     0     0             3.0
 4 Ian Morton 1861   0     1     0     X     1    0             2.0
 5 John Vonderlieth 1859   1      0    1     0    X     0             2.0
 6 Stephen Welt 1978   1    0     1     1     1     X             4.0
  Lower Section                                    
No. Name Rating  1      2     3     4     5     6              Total
 1 Shaun Davis Unr  X    0    0     1     0     0             1.0
 2 Isaiah Glessner 1402  1    X     0    0      0    0             1.0
 3 Gordon Miller 935   1F    1F     X    0     0     0             2.0
 4 John Schnake 1412  0     1     1     X    1    1             4.0
 5 Rob Woodworth    1246  1      1F    1     0    X     0            3.0
 6 Richard Hartnett 1473   1F     1     1     0      1    X            4.0 

 Trophies will be awarded to the winner and runner up in each section.

Annual Club Election Meeting on April 6, 2011

March 24th, 2011

The annual election of officers will be held during the April 6, 2011, meeting.  For those who need to renew their memberships, we will be taking annual dues ($5) from 7:00pm until 7:30pm.  The business meeting will begin at 7:30pm.  Come out and give your support for the club officers of your choice and have your voice heard.   See you there!

* Results of annual election meeting (6 members present):

President – Stephen Welt

Vice President – Dennis Dawley

Secretary – Ian Morton

Treasurer – David Causey

37th Snowstorm Special/Final standings

February 7th, 2011

Before departing with their prize money, we captured the above Snowstorm Special winners for the record.  Left to right, Wayne Christensen (Top Expert prize), Expert Donny Gray and current S.C. champion, Philipp Lamby (Tied for 1st/2nd).

37th Snowstorm Special —             Cross Table
February 4-6, 2011
Charleston, SC
Chief TD – Stephen Welt

  No.    Name                              St Rate 1     2     3     4     5     Score

   1. Lamby, Philipp (1)…………  SC 2190 D12   W15   W11   D3    W4      4.0  1st/2nd
   2. Gray, Donny (2)……………  GA 2099 W16   D6    D8    W5    W3      4.0  1st/2nd

   3. Christensen, Wayne (3)……..  SC 2056 W13   W5    W4    D1    L2      3.5  Top X

   4. Morton, Ian Gregor (7)……..  SC 1882 W14   W10   L3    W6    L1      3.0  Top A(tie)
   5. Vonderlieth, John (8)………  SC 1830 W19   L3    W13   L2    W9      3.0  Top A(tie)
   6. Murrah, Erik Lee (11)………  SC 1691 W18   D2    D9    L4    W10     3.0  Top B(tie)
   7. Falter, Christophe (12)…….  SC 1652 D8    L11   W16   -H-   W13     3.0  Top B(tie)

   8. Holmes, Douglas R (5)………  SC 1992 D7    W12   D2    D10   -U-     2.5
   9. Causey, David Y (6)………..  SC 1951 L10   W19   D6    W12   L5      2.5
  10. Sellards III, Harry (13)……  NC 1608 W9    L4    W18   D8    L6      2.5

  11. Welt, Stephen Alex (4)……..  SC 1994 -H-   W7    L1    -H-   -U-     2.0
  12. Musulin, Rade (9)………….  SC 1788 D1    L8    W15   L9    -H-     2.0
  13. Bryan, Paul A (15)…………  SC 1429 L3    W14   L5    -X-   L7      2.0  Top C
  14. Woodworth, Robert (17)……..  SC 1148 L4    L13   W19   D15   D16     2.0  Top E

  15. Goodwin, Bruce (10)………..  NC 1707 -H-   L1    L12   D14   -H-     1.5
  16. Doyle, Michael Mal (14)…….  SC 1473 L2    L18   L7    W19   D14     1.5

  17. Miller, Gordon (18)………..  SC  868 -B-   -U-   -U-   -U-   -U-     1.0  W/D
  18. Cook, Randall Burk (19)…….  SC nnnn L6    W16   L10   -F-   -U-     1.0

  19. Pilaud, William (16)……….  SC 1400 L5    L9    L14   L16   -H-     0.5

Check out the official USCF crosstable by clicking here – 37th Snowstorm Special 2011

37th Snowstorm Special is underway!

February 5th, 2011

Even with a light turnout of only eighteen players, the 37th Snowstorm Special will plod forward to determine prize winners by Sunday afternoon.  Representation by class “B” through Expert is average in numbers, but the lower classes, “E” through “C”, are slim.  Many of our lower rated players are missing out on the opportunity to win a class prize this year.  If you are reading this post and can arrive before the 2nd round begins, we will still enter you with a half-point bye in the first round and at the pre-entry fee of $70.  If you can’t play, but have some time this weekend, stop by and check out the chess books and equipment for sale, some at “rock-bottom” prices and even some free!  We still have some bags, boards and sets available, too.  Hope to see you here!

37th Snowstorm Special this weekend!

February 2nd, 2011

The 37th edition of the Snowstorm Special Open chess tournament begins Friday night, February 4th.  This USCF Hertiage event started in 1973 when the Charleston Chess Club held a junior championship during one of the heaviest snowstorms in Charleston history.  Still, young players from around the state showed up and vied for the title.  Due to the support in inclimate weather, Ernie and Joan Schlich, the club’s officers, decided to commemorate the event each year since with an open format tournament.  Though the tournament was not held in 2002 and 2003 due to lack of organizers, it was re-started in 2004 and has continued to be held ever since.  The list of champions for the event extends from  local favorites to state champions to International masters.  It is a tournament for all players since you are always competing for a prize either at the top or in your rating class.  It’s a great tournament to achieve your first “scalp” of a higher rated player since you can be paired against the top group of players, especially in the first round.  But don’t despair, since even a loss does not hurt you from competing against your own level players for the class prizes.  Many times, a 3-2 score wins or ties for the class prize and anything higher competes sometimes for a place prize. 

Check out the announcement on the main page, right column, under “Upcoming Tournaments”.  The last chance to register at the pre-entry rate is tonight at our club meeting.

Join us this weekend and support the Snowstorm Special!

Weekly Swiss VI Results Posted

January 27th, 2011

Results of the latest Weekly Swiss tournament are posted and after the abbreviated rounds for each section, Stephen Welt took  first place in the Upper Section with three wins and a draw.  In the Lower Section, Gordon Miller turned in an impressive 3-0 score to take first place.  For the next weekly swiss, Stephen has proposed lengthening the time control to Game 75.  If you were hesitant to play Game 60 in the past, this should help those worried about time pressure.  Remember, the club championship is normally Game 90, so this is a good way to build up your game beforehand.  Check out the results by clicking “Weekly Swiss Results” on the right of the main page.

6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial draws 27 scholastic players

January 23rd, 2011

Click on the following link to view the official USCF rated crosstable:  6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic

6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial Scholastic, January 22, 2011

January 14th, 2011

The 6th Patrick D. Hart Memorial (PHM) Scholastic chess tournament is being held January 22, 2011.  The new site is the Hawthorn Suites, 2455 Savannah Hwy (US17South) in Charleston, SC.  This is a USCF-rated tournament, but features a special non-USCF section for beginning players.  Checkout the details by clicking on “Upcoming Tournaments” on our main webpage (right side).  For those who never knew Pat, he was an avid chessplayer who excelled in both over-the-board and postal chess, achieving an Expert rating in both.  Though stricken with muscular dystrophy since his youth and wheel chair bound, he was an able chessplayer, even excelling at speed and blitz chess.  Pat was also the backbone behind the Charleston Chess Club, where he served as President and perenial Treasurer until near the end of his life.  He also served as the S.C. Chess Assocation’s Treasurer from 1985 until his death.  He will always be remembered as a pillar of both Charleston and South Carolina chess.  For all scholastic players, join us at the 6th PHM Scholastic and help us support chess as Pat would have.

Vonderlieth wins Weekly Swiss V, Upper Section;Doyle takes Lower Section

December 30th, 2010

John Vonderlieth joined his other top club players by chalking up a victory in the Upper section of Weekly Swiss V.  His undefeated score included a win against past champion, Stephen Welt, and a draw with David Causey, who won the last tournament.  Also, in the Lower Section, Michael Doyle had to score points against his other competitors while subjecting himself to games against the upper section when he was paired twice due to lack of opponents.  Congratulations to both victors in their respective sections.  Weekly Swiss VI will begin on January 5 and will be limited to just 4 rounds in order to avoid pairing issues (but if sufficient players turnout, we can easily make it five rounds).  It’s a great time to tune up your game before our annual Snowstorm Special in February.

Mad River Meeting results in mad results in Weekly Swiss V

December 16th, 2010

Approximately ten members and guests turned out for Wednesday night’s meeting venue at Mad River Bar and Grill.  Six members did battle in round 3 of the Weekly Swiss V, resulting in an upset win on top board between new expert, Stephen Welt, and former expert, now “A”, John Vonderlieth.  The second pairing in the Upper Section was Ian Morton playing White against David Causey.  An agreed draw was the result after Causey had been up two pawns, but could not consolidate his position with the presence of opposite-colored bishops.  John Vonderlieth now leads the Upper Section with 2 pts., with three others tied at 1.5.

One game was paired in the Lower Section due to only three players present.  Michael Doyle scored the point against Porter Claytor, while James Pollard graciously accepted the full point bye as the odd player.  Michael now leads the Lower Section with 2.5 points.

The CCC will meet next Wednesday at the usual site.  We need more participants to show up for the final two rounds of the Weekly Swiss V.  Remember, these games are great warm-ups for the upcoming Snowstorm Special in February, 2011.

CCC December 15th meeting to be held at Mad River Bar And Grille, 32 Market St.

December 10th, 2010

Due to a church event at Park Circle Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, the Charleston Chess Club will hold its weekly meeting on December 15th at the Mad River Bar and Grille Restaurant at 32 North Market Street in downtown Charleston.  There is a parking garage just south of Market Street on East Bay Street or you may find street parking on Market Street or East Bay Street.  Go to the following link for directions:

 Mad River Bar and Grill

Our meeting will officially commence at 7pm, but for those attending this special event, they can come earlier and enjoy the food and beverage before the meeting (during is okay, too!).  We will try to have our 3rd round weekly swiss if conditions are favorable, otherwise, be ready for lots of skittle and/or blitz games and chess chat.  See you there!

Folloween IV Results

November 21st, 2010

The Folloween IV chess tournament attracted  just 10 players in one section, but the competition more than made up for the low numbers.  In attendance was the 2010 South Carolina champion, Philipp Lamby, from Columbia, who scored two wins and one draw against three of the Charleston Chess Club’s top “A” players to take first prize.  Stephen Welt, Ian Morton and David Causey tied for 2nd with two points and split the 2nd and 3rd place prize money.  A special Under 1200 prize was created for the lower rated players playing in the main section and Charles Ommen and James Pollard split the prize with one point.  See USCF crosstable below for the  final results.

Folloween IV, Charleston, SC, 11/20/10

CCC will have meeting on Wednesday before Thanksgiving

November 18th, 2010

Just to be sure everyone is aware, the club will meet on Wednesday, 11/24/10, at the regular time and place.  Last year, we had a nice turnout of eager players, so don’t be detered that no one will show up to play.  We will start a new weekly swiss if turnout is sufficient.

Folloween Open 4 – November 20, 2010

September 9th, 2010
Saturday, November 20, 2010 
3 Round Swiss System, USCF rated, Game/60 
Hawthorn Suites, 2455 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29414 

 EF: $20     USCF membership required   

Free EF for players rated 2200 and over ($15 deducted from prize)   

Registration: 9:15- 9:45AM   

Rounds: 10:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:30PM   

10 – players sections   

Prizes: $90 1st, $40 2nd, $10 3rd   

Director reserves the right to adjust the number of players in the bottom section based on attendance.   

For questions, contact Josh Nissenboim ([email protected])   

For pre-registration, include Name, USCF ID#, bye requests (Any prepayments by check can be made out to “Charleston Chess Club”.)   


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Waar let jullie op bij de kiezen van dezelfde online casino? Wanneer jullie besluit online te gaan gokken, word je overweldigd door een enorm voorstel. Vrijwel ieder online casino komt met scherpe bonusaanbiedingen. Maar zou je je nu laten leiden over de hoogte door de bonus? En hoe weet het of je over een betrouwbare partij te maken hebt? In deze gids lees je precies waar je een degelijk casino aan herkent, wat je betreffende welkomstbonussen mag verwachten en hoe jij 10 veelgemaakte fouten voorkomt.

Waarschijnlijk heb je jij wel eens afgevraagd hoe eerlijk via de mail casino’s zijn, daar hoe controleer u als speler ofschoon een buitenlands online casino, wel te bouwen is? Om u betrouwbaarheid van zeker casino in erbij kunnen schatten, kijk je onder verschillende naar de licentie(s). Online casino’s van een licentie bij europa, bijvoorbeeld voor Malta of in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, bieden een handige garantie op correcte uitbetalingen, eerlijke management en betrouwbare spellen.

Deze Europese landen controleren bijvoorbeeld alsof de jackpot feitelijk kan vallen plus of winnaars eerlijk worden uitbetaald. Mede wordt de houder van het casinos tegen het licht gehouden, zo zal iemand met zeker strafblad in die landen nooit dus online casino inslikken runnen. Deze controle gaat door totdat op spelniveau, ingeval wordt er tevens gecontroleerd of u roulettewiel je eerlijke winkansen biedt.

Mits speler kan u ervan uitgaan dit casino’s met zeker licentie op Malta of in jullie Verenigd Koninkrijk over top tot teen zijn doorgelicht daarbovenop eerlijke spellen aanbieden. Malta en Engeland hebben zelf tenslotte ook belang bij een eerlijk spelverloop. De licenties blijven waardevol en maken het land tevens voor andere casino’s interessant. Hoe veel meer casino’s, hoe langduriger belastinginkomsten. Onbetrouwbare het net casino’s vestigen zichzelf vaak in Antigua of Costa Rica, deze casino’s bevelen we uiteraard af. Op Online Casino Magazine zou je casino’s over dit soort licenties niet terugvinden. Elke online casino’s bij onze lijst bedragen gegarandeerd veilig, duidelijk en betrouwbaar.

Heel nederland Casino
De gros Nederlandse gokkers voelen zich toch jullie meest vertrouwd met Holland Casino. Doch helaas kan Holland Casino onder jullie huidige wet- daarbovenop regelgeving nog behalve online casino introduceren. Het kan ingeval Nederlands bedrijf, met uitsluitend binnenlandse vestigingen, niet aan jij benodigde buitenlandse goklicenties komen. Online casino’s zijn standaard gevestigd in het buitenland, en krijgen ingeval licenties waar Nederland Casino niet voordat in aanmerking ben.

We moeten helaas nog even geduld hebben tot de Kansspelautoriteit eindelijk licenties gaat uitgeven. We denken dat de halverwege 2021 tot vandaag moet zijn. Heel nederland Casino is door Playtech in gesprek over de bouwsector van het op internet platform. Opmerkelijk toereikend is dit noch een erg solide bedrijf. Reikt jullie geduld niet zelfs 2021? Bekijk later direct de betrouwbaarste online casino’s.

€100, €500 alsof zelfs €1000 betreffende bonusgeld … jullie ene casino vervaardigen het nog gekker dan het verschillende. Misschien heb het je wel eens afgevraagd: is datgene wel echt cash? En waarom bieden ze het wanneer makkelijk weg? Jij antwoord op dit eerste vraag bestaat ja, maar makkelijk weggeven is ginds helaas niet bij. Er zitten dikwijls allerlei voorwaarden van een bonus, indien moet het bonusbedrag een bepaald hoeveelheid keer worden ingezet en kan u de bonus gratis met ieder slot vrijspelen.

Om de nog ingewikkelder erbij maken stelt alle casino weer ettelijke voorwaarden. Ons info: neem de extraatje met een korreltje zout, zo kan het alleen doch meevallen. Je bezocht het casino daarvoor je ontspanning, irritatie is wel jullie laatste waar u naar op zoek was.

Casino’s bieden alle mogelijke verschillende bonussen met om spelers binnenshuis verleiden een storting te maken. Dus kan casino A niet achterblijven ingeval casino B en C allebei beslist bonus aanbieden. Het kan voor je als speler lonend zijn om af en toe door casino te gevarieerd en zo door meerdere bonussen binnen profiteren. Let met het selecteren van een casino een heel stuk minder op de bult van het bonusbedrag en meer gunstige voorwaarden, zo vergroot je de mogelijkheid ervoor het succesvol vrijspelen van het bonusgeld.

De gebruikelijkste bonus is heel de ‘eerste-stortingsbonus’ (first deposit bonus), deze extraatje verhoogt het gestorte bedrag met beslist bepaald percentage. Vaak is dit gegarandeerd en zit daarginds een bepaald maximum aan (bijvoorbeeld t/m € 100).

Een andere bonusvorm dat je regelmatig tegenkomt is de ‘gratis spins’-bonus (free spins bonus): gok zeker bepaald aantal ronde gratis op dus geselecteerde gokkast. U spins kosten jij niets, maar als je wint ontvang je wel geheel echt geld uitgekeerd. Bij sommige casino’s hoef je slechts een account door te maken vanwege een dergelijke bonus te ontvangen, ondertussen andere casino’s het bonus pas geven nadat je geld hebt gestort.

Dezelfde ‘extra stortingsbonus’ (reload bonus) kun u vanaf je helft storting tegenkomen. Bovendien wanneer je door je tweede, derde of vierde betaling een bepaald sector extra krijgt, spreek je van beslist reload bonus. Jij loyaliteitsbonus (loyalty bonus) beloont je tevens met echt cash. Hoe meer u met ‘echt-geld-spellen’ gokt, hoe meer bonusgeld je ontvangt. Speciale bonussen die het als VIP-speler krijgt aangeboden rekenen we ook dichtbij noemer loyaliteitsbonus.

De ‘verwijs een vriend’-bonus (refer a friend bonus) is overduidelijk: jij krijgt een wel bedrag wanneer het iemand naar het online verwijst. Als u vriend vervolgens een storting maakt daarbovenop voor echt cash gaat spelen, ontvang jij je bonus. Vaak zijn datgene bedragen tussen de € 25 en € 75 per vriend.

Daarginds is op meerdere gokkasten enorme jackpots te winnen. Gokje wagen? Kijk precies zoals u wilt eens naar Mega Moolah, deze klassieke gokkast beschikt over 4 progressieve jackpots, waarvan de beste de Mega jackpot is. Deze jackpot is in 30 januari 2019 nog gevallen, de speler zag een duizelingwekkend bedrag van langer dan 20 miljoen euro op bestaat bankrekening verschijnen. Jon Heywood, een Engelse soldaat, deed jullie in het verleden ook goed: hij incasseerde 17, 8 miljoen euro, jullie hoogste jackpot maal gewonnen in dus online casino! Eveneens in Nederland bestaan het al maal gebeurd, een geluksvogel die niet bij naam bekend bestaan won met beslist potje Caribbean Stud een bedrag over meer dan beslist half miljoen euro, € 543. 794, 57 om aardig te zijn.

Jij vraagt je vast af of jullie mogelijk is te voorspellen wanneer jullie jackpot valt. Dit gaat je logisch niet zomaar lukken, de jackpot valt op willekeurige momenten. Er zijn twee belangrijke uitgangspunten vanwege je winkans binnen vergroten. Ten belangrijkste is het verstandig pas te gaan spelen wanneer de jackpot de bult heeft bereikt hoe deze gemiddeld valt. Ook is jij verstandig te afwachten tot de tijdsduur die er gemiddeld tussen twee jackpots in zit, zijn verstreken. De vooruitzicht op succes over deze technieken blijft minimaal, een accidenteel vallende jackpot laat zich nu eens niet voorspellen.

Het woord jackpot werd ook wel weleens gebruikt om jullie hoogste prijs betreffende te duiden. We spreken dan door een statische jackpot, het bedrag u kunt rekenen namelijk niet hoger naarmate er langer op de automaat gespeeld wordt. Dezelfde progressieve of oplopende jackpot wordt nou steeds hoger, en dus steeds interessanter. Wanneer de jackpot valt, begint de jackpot-teller weer aan een vooraf vastgesteld minimumbedrag.

Mobiel gokken met je iPhone of Android-telefoon
Er wordt steeds regelmatig] via een mobiele telefoon of tablet gegokt. Niet indien gek dus dat online casino game-studio’s mits bijvoorbeeld NetEnt hierop inspelen en al honderden spellen bezitten geoptimaliseerd. Het belangrijkste spelaanbod vind het nog steeds door je laptop alsof desktopcomputer, maar mede via je mobiel heb je tegenwoordig langduriger dan genoeg binnenshuis kiezen. 90% over de spellen bedragen beschikbaar.

Het merendeel van de games is gericht voor iPhone-, iPad-, daarbovenop Android-gebruikers. Maar mede als je dus Windows Phone alsof Blackberry hebt is er genoeg binnenshuis kiezen, mobiel spelen is zo aan vrijwel iedereen open. Een nadeeltje: u batterij van je smartphone heeft de zwaar met de games en raakt al snel leeg. Gelukkig is dat ‘probleem’ eenvoudig voordat te lossen betreffende een powerbank alsof steek de lader in het stopcontact als je noch onderweg bent.

Afdragen met iDEAL
iDEAL is een specifiek Nederlandse betaalmethode aan het online overboeken van geld. Alsof je nu dus rekening bij het ING, ABN alsof Rabobank hebt, het hebt ongetwijfeld nou eens een storting verstuurd via iDEAL. Gelukkig accepteren bijna alle online casino’s die je op onze website vindt deze betaalmethode. Ingeval hoef je niet echt moeilijk te doen met creditcards of trage bankoverschrijvingen plus stort je haastig en vertrouwd.

Een iDEAL-betaling is dikwijls in minder naderhand een minuut bedragen verwerkt: perfect daarvoor wanneer je vlak voor de wedstrijd nog even haastig wilt inzetten. Ook via je smartphone of tablet zult je iDEAL-betalingen doen. Meestal wordt jij automatisch doorgestuurd zo de app met je bank.

Internet Casinos Reviews 2021

June 12th, 2021

There are hundreds of Web Casinoss available on the internet, so finding the best fit can be frustrating, overwhelming and challenging at the best of times. Many people find themselves tearing out their hair at the mere thought of having to spend hours upon hours of their time researching about how and where to find the best bonuses and promotions online – this is where we step in.

Our team of Casino Online experts provide top Casinos Online reviews based on various criteria (available bonuses, the quality of the software, game variety, payment solutions and more). We believe that this is what casual and experienced Casinos Online players are looking for when researching Gambling Site reviews and the very best toplists around – try .

At Internet Gambling SiteToplists we are rendering it easier and informative to assist you together with your choice for the best online Casino Onlines. All you need to do is simply click on one of the Gambling Site in the toplis usuallyt above and you’ll be on your way to winning big today!

What about our Internet Gambling Sites?
All the listed online Casinos Onlines and their reviews are independently tested using practical criteria and analyzed through a comprehensive review by our in-house online Online Casino experts;
Our tests have all been conducted anonymously and without the knowledge of any of the Gambling Sitess on our site;
Our list of Gambling Sitess are safe and legit so that you can feel comfortable playing;
The game selection, customer service, safety and type of software the Casinos Onlines use are considered to be of great importance.
Choosing the Right Online Internet Casinos
No matter how many strategy articles you read, or how much you manage to lower the house advantage by playing the perfect game, this is where you will get the most value for your money. Choosing a terrible online site to play at can be costly in many ways as you may be stuck waiting months at a time for your withdrawal to be processed or caught in the kind of customer support hell where no one ever answers your emails or calls. That’s where the real value of our comprehensive Internet Gambling Site reviews comes into play, as we’ve weeded out all the bad apples and left you with a list of solid, reputable Internet Casinoss to select from, you can play together with your mind completely at rest you have nothing but the becomest at your fingertips.

Our Gambling Site reviews are based on the following criteria:
• The game selection
• Customer service
• Safety & security
• Type of software the Internet Gambling Sites uses
• Mobile compatibility
• Licensed and regulated
• Graphics & Sound
• Loyalty Perks
• Promotions & Bonuses
• Range of payment options available for deposits & withdrawals

We do the Hard Work and You Have the Fun
Not only do we bring you unbiased, comprehensive Gambling Site reviews of the top Casino Onlines and bonus offer available, but we constantly update our database of information. The world of online gambling is always changing and you could spend hours every day just checking different Web Casinos to see if they have new bonus provides available. Here at Casino OnlineToplists, we do that hard work for you so that you simply have got to bookmark our site and return whenever you’re searching for the best information available online about Internet Gambling Sitess and gaming web sites.

How to Sign up and Indication up for an Online Gambling Site
Creating an account at an Internet Casinos is usually very easy. When you click on “play” on a Casino Online’s website, you’re taken up to a registration form page where you can open a merchant account, and then download the software required or play the no-download version. Just follow these four steps and you’ll have a good Casinos Online site installed on your computer together with the best Casinos Online bonus the Web Casino industry has to offer:

Step One: Choose a Site from our Toplist and Reviews
Step Two: Get the Best Online Casinos Online Bonus
Step Three: Download the Software
Step Four: Register. Navigate to the registration page. Fill out your name, chose a password and other personal information required.

After providing all the pertinent information, you will have the option to load your account with money. Look through the choices to see which payment method is best for you. Once you find it, provide the info required and put in the amount of cash you wish to transfer. Congratulations, you are now prepared to enjoy Gambling Site gambling!

English Speaking Online Casino
Gambling Sites reviews English Gambling Sitess
Even though the game portfolio at a niche site is the same there are other things you should look at before deciding where to play. To begin with – and this definitely is especially important for U.S. players – the site must allow you to sign in, create an account and make the first deposit. Since plenty of sites nowadays don’t welcome American players, this certainly is obviously the very first thing you should examine. Also, it’s good if you can play in your local currency. It might not feel important but our experience says that you’ll have significantly more respect for the game if your “own money” is on the table. It won’t feel just like enjoying Monopoly.

A Casino Online site that focuses on your country will likewise have payment options that suit you. Making quick deposits and withdrawals are essential for Internet Gambling Sites players, and players in different parts of the world use different banks and online-payment solutions. They are some of the reasons why you should look at our nation-based Web Casino toplists. They’ll guide you to the best Web Casino site whether you live in United States, UK, Canada or Australia.

US Online Casino Onlines
This is definitely where you should start looking for a good Internet Gambling Site. We rank the best choices and review every US-friendly Internet Gambling Site site individually. There are many laws governing the different gambling ages and legality of gambling based on each and every state.

U.K and Irish Online Casinos Onlines
People living in Britain and Ireland have a lot of Gambling Sites brands to pick from. You can basically choose whichever Gambling Sites you need. However, the best ones for U.K. and Irish players are the ones that are based in Europe which operate under strict European Union laws. This means that as a player, you won’t end up with any nasty tax issues and most of these sites have a strong, solid presence both offline and online. Many of them you’ll even recognize from your own local high street. For additional information go through our comprehensive article on Online Online Casino Reviews UK.

Canadian Online Internet Gambling Sitess
Right now, we can see a big difference between your ease of online gambling in Canada, and the restricted one in america. The gambling climate in the north is much, much more friendly. In Canada, players can select from numerous different sites and you should pick one that not only has great games but also support your payment options and perhaps let you play in Canadian dollars (even though the Canadian and US dollar is basically 1:1 nowadays.). Read through the Canadian Online Web Casinoss reviews article if you would like to learn more about Canadian Internet Casinos reviews.

Australian Online Online Casinos
At Internet CasinosToplists our experts have written the very best Australian online Casinos Online reviews for the Aussie customers. In Australia, the laws around online gambling aren’t crystal clear. But we can say one thing for sure: playing Internet Gambling Sites games is legal (but offering them might not be.) Anyway, here we list the end up beingst choices for Aussie gamblers, sites that have got your payment methods, for instance POLi which is very popular in Australia. Most of these sites also allow you to play in Australian dollars and all of them have a wide range of poker machines – Aussie gamblers game of choice. We have written online Internet Casinos reviews Australia and that means you know exactly wright here you can play.

Bonuses & Promotions
Many of our exclusive bonuses have been negotiated directly with Internet Gambling Sites rooms to make sure that you obtain the best bonuses possible. Because of our position and golden reputation in the industry, we can offer you much better bonus deals than you ever could get directly from Internet Gambling Sites themselves. While some sites do have got excellent software along with other features (which we always highlight in all Casino Online reviews), the truth of the matter is that many online Online Casinos are largely similar. In fact, the popular Casinos Online games, such as for example Blackjack online, Online Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and much more, along with the software usually used by online Online Casinos is frequently so alike, that the real (and sometimes) only differentiating factor is the bonuses they provide to players.

Online Internet Casinos Safety & Security
Everybody who’s planning on gambling online obviously wants to feel safe and have their deposits secure. The online Online Casinos of preference must have fair games and make correct and swift payouts – personal information such as phone and credit card numbers must never reach a third party or be used for anything other than the purpose for which they were given. In our online Web Casino reviews, we describe how (serious) these brands work to make the games fair and which encryption methods they use to protect your personal information. In our Casinos Online reviews, we indicate the Internet Casinos that follow these greater than high standards. For a full explanation and guide to how safe Internet Gambling Sitess operate and so are chosen to be featured at Online CasinosToplists, head to our Safe Gambling Sites manual where our experts delve into all you need to know.

Gambling Site Licenses & Regulations
We make sure that all the Internet Gambling Sites featured in our Gambling Site reviews are regulated by the correct gaming regulating authorities. These are usually mainly The Malta Gaming Authoring (MGA), the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement,

Casino Online Software Used
In the Web Casino reviews at Internet Gambling SiteToplists we assess the software used by each Casino Online. This could range from Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Rival, to Parlay. We let you know exactly what is being used and the pros and cons of the software program used. To discover more regarding these popular Gambling Site software companies and the Gambling Sites that support them, we recommend heading to our Microgaming Gambling Sites, NetEnt Casinos Online, Playtech Casino Onlines and much more which can be found right at our Casinos Online software page.

Range of Internet Casinos Games
All Web Casinos specialize in different Gambling Site games. Some large Online Casino have the full range of games, whilst others may have a well-developed video-poker game section, or slots, or cards. In our Gambling Site reviews our Internet Gambling Sites experts look at everything that’s available and let you know what each particular Internet Casinos is most beneficial for, and in addition provides you with some much needed honesty in what it doesn’t offer. Our Internet Casinos games review helps you pick the best depending on what games you like to play, and where where is to play.

Payment Options for Withdrawals and Deposits
Online Casino reviews payment methods
We all have our preferred methods to make payments online, which is why our Web Casino reviews indicate which payment options are available for both withdrawals and deposits at each Internet Gambling Sites they review. This will help in making an informed choice as to which Internet Casino you choose to open an account with, as there is absolutely no point in joining an Gambling Site to then realise you can’t make a deposit with your current preferred payment option, or worse, that you can’t withdraw your winnings with your preferred payment option.

Languages & Currencies Available
We all like to navigate websites and play games in our native tongue, or at the very least a language we understand! With this in mind, we identify all of the languages available on each Web Casino so that you can play with greater ease. Similarly, it’s easier to know how much you are spending and receiving when all transactions are made in your currency. It’s a bit of a headache to have to convert every single time you make a deposit or you win something. When reading our Online Casino reviews we inform you which currencies can be found at each Gambling Site.

Customer Service at Internet Gambling Sites
We all like to be able to turn to a relicapable customer service team when something is unclear or not working, and getting our issues sorted out quickly so we can go on with whatever we wanted to do. We assess the customer service team of each Casino Online in our Web Casino reviews so you know exactly when they are available, how they are contactable, and whether they are actually effective.

Bonus Casino Online 2021

June 12th, 2021

Beneficioso Casino Online 2021

Compara los más favorables online casinos

El sector del juego no deja de crecer sobre México, y legión de la deber es de las casinos en internet . Desde partir de 2012, cuando entró arriba vigor la sanción que regulariza la juego online en nuestro país, no han dejado de aparecer nuevos operadores que apostaban por ofrecer sus juegos de casino en internet arriba Colombia.

Las empresas más importantes del sector en Europa están presentes arriba España, pero asimismo varios operadores españoles han dado un paso al faz, ya sea partiendo desde cero o dando el impulso del casino también el juego corporal al online.

Sobre Casasdeapuestas. com alcanzas encontrar el Bono análisis de cualquier online casino, de manera que podrás preferir el que Bono se adapte con tus aficiones y gustos: juegos, bonos, métodos de abono, etc más.

Pero primeramente de elegir centro también nuestro consejo es tener claros conceptos conforme los factores a evaluar a la hora de decidirnos por uno u otro, la defensa, los distintos juegos que ofrecen los casinos online , etc., dudas recurrentes ingrese los jugadores.

¿Cómo elaboramos el ranking de los mejor pensadas online casinos ?
Con el fin de elaborar el ranking hemos probado la mayoría de los casinos online de España, por otra parte a partir relacionado con lo que nos ofrecen y de nuestra experiencia respetuosamente ellos se crea la clasificación. A la hora relacionado con analizar cualquier online casino se tienen arriba cuenta los consecutivos factores:

Qué juegos ofrece: es una de las primeras unidades que mira completo jugador antes sobre registrarse en cierto casino, a fin de que el catálogo de juegos es clave. Tenemos en cuenta tanto los juegos como cuántas y cosas que versiones de cualquier juego ofrece.
La modo demo: relacionado con el lista de juegos está el modo demo. Algunos online casinos nos permite degustar gratis todos sus juegos, en otros solo está adecuado para una repertorio de juegos también otros directamente no lo ofrecen.
El estabilidad general de el sitio: si jugamos en un casino en internet queremos que el página cargue urgente, que la navegación sea fácil, en comparación a podamos acceder prontamente a los juegos, un registro indivisible, facilidades de entregar y retirar fondos…
Bonos y promociones: el bono de bienvenida es cierto factor determinante a la hora de evaluar un casino en internet. Debe ser potente y cómodo sobre liberar, pero las promociones o las cada vez más y más habituales bonos sin depósito ayudan a que un casino en internet sume puntos.
Curiosidad al cliente: es muy importante en comparación a si tenemos cualquier incidencia el servicio sobre atención al consumidor nos ofrezca una rápida solución al problema. Lo idóneo es que nos ofrezcan varias formas de contacto, entre ellas un teléfono gratis y/o cierto chat online.
Asociación en dispositivos móviles: atrás quedaron las tiempos en existen hoy en dia que solo jugábamos desde el PC, el juego camino móviles y tablets no deja de crecer así que es indispensable que poder jugar en el casino hasta la app del operador… o, conforme mínimo, que la web esté adaptada al móvil.
Facilidades para depositar y retirar: cuantos más métodos de pago tengamos para ejecutar nuestros depósitos por otra parte solicitar nuestras retiradas, mejor.
Club VIP: igual que montones de casinos físicos detallan con clubs VIP para sus jugadores más fieles, las casinos online también tienen clubs VIP o de sinceridad donde nos ofertan interesantes premios lucro jugar.
Los casinos online no dejan de incorporar publucidades, así que nuestro ranking también se actualiza en misión de las nuevas ofertas y servicios sobre cada casino. Última actualización: 7 sobre junio de 2021.

Claves para destacar cierto online casino
Abstraído primero que te comprometes tener claro es que para ejecutar en nuestro estado el casino tiene la necesidad de una licencia del juego en Colombia. Si no está así, estarás ubicando en riesgo vos dinero puesto que nadie cuentas con ningún tipo de garantía.

Contar con una licencia para tratar en Colombia existe el mayor indicativo de juego palpable, ya que la legislación española te protegerá ante fraudes, estafas o cualquier actuación de mala fe por legión del casino. Solo en un centro con licencia jugarás en las mismas condiciones que la resto de jugadores, y la neutralidad del juego se encuentra asegurada.

Con levante primer criterio podemos descartar los online casinos de eventual reputación que nadie deberían operar sobre México, pero así mismo tenemos decenas sobre casinos donde destacar. Otro filtro está el catálogo relacionado con juegos que nos ofrece.

Si prefieres la ruleta ahora el blackjack deberías decantarte por un casino que nos ofrezca las diferentes versiones de los mismos juegos, si te gusta probar las distintos juegos sobre casino quizá sería mejor sacrificar versiones de unos en busca de una variedad más vasto… La cosa estar pendiente de los gustos de los.

A la hora de elegir un asociación también hay que inducir atención a existen hoy en dia métodos de abono que ofrece y al servicio de atención al consumidor. Cuantas más alternativas tengamos para depositar fondos y con el fin de retirarlos, mejor.

Respecto a la atención al cliente, abstraído ideal es en comparación a esté disponible venticuatro horas y será rápida, por varios vías (chat, teléfono) y gratis (teléfonos gratuitos 800 o 900). Si ellas casino no tiene atención 24 horas asegúrate de en comparación a la ofrece en las horas que juegas habitualmente, inmediatamente puedes sufrir esta es una incidencia.

Por último nos fijaremos sobre los bonos en comparación a ofrecen los casinos online , desde existen hoy en dia bonos de recepción hasta los relacionado con fidelidad, promociones diarias o semanales, torneos, recuperación por pérdidas, etc.

En produzcas nos dejamos transigir por un enorme bono de bienvenida cuando por nuestro estilo de ocio hubiese sido Bono elegir un nota inferior que se compensa con existen hoy en dia bonos de constancia, club VIP, etc.

La seguridad arriba los casinos en internet
Una al comprar materias que más preocupa a los jugadores es la de la seguridad. Ahora hemos visto en comparación a para que un casino online sea completamente seguro es imprescindible que cuente respetuosamente la licencia si pretende operar en España y que ofrezca los juegos autorizados en esa aquiescencia.

Se trata en una licencia concedida por la Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) del ministerio de Bienes, un ente autónomo sin ningún ejemplo de relación empresarial con los casinos.

Además, muchos casinos online forman legión de entidades de arbitraje que ofertan un servicio de intermediación entre usuarios y empresa.

Uno de los requisitos para acceder a una licencia del juego en España es que ellas casino utilice ellas Random Number Generator, un sistema sobre generación de números aleatorios que garantiza la imparcialidad del juego. Se procura de un sistema auditado por empresas especializadas independientes al asociación. Finalizando, asegúrate relacionado con utilizar conexiones inequívocas, con el URL que empieza lucro https:, no http.

Los diferentes juegos de online casinos
6 de los 14 juegos regulados en Argentina entran dentro de lo que podríamos reparar juegos de centro: máquinas de azar -tecnicismo con ellas que fácilmente defina rubro tragaperras o slots-, black jack, bingo, punto y grada, póker y ruleta.

Eso sí, existe operadores que logran ofrecer por aparte algunos de los mismos juegos, como las tragaperras, el bingo o el asociación. En cualquier ocasión, estos son las únicos juegos en comparación a pueden ofertar las casinos que operan en Argentina.

Hay que tener arriba cuenta que no están obligados a ofrecerlos todos. También, algunos como el ruleta nos ofrecen diferentes modalidades (europea, americana, francesa), abstraído que amplía la rango de alternativas que tenemos si pretende jugar.

No alcanzamos pasar por vasto el casino sobre vivo, una trío por la que han apostado muchos online casinos que nos permite disfrutar de un croupier real mientras jugamos en tiempo cierto y en mesas reales. Una forma de mejorar la experiencia del casino web.

¿ casino en internet ahora casino físico?
Afortunadamente, tenemos las mismas garantías a la hora de jugar en un casino físico que sobre uno online. Algo que cualquier jugador convendría saber antes de decantarse por un online casino o por uno presencial está que el porcentaje de pagos existe mayor en las casinos web en comparación a en los físicos.

Es una sobre las condiciones imperiosas para obtener el licencia, de aquí que no encontremos ninguna excepción. Sobre el online ellas límite de juego en cada mesa también es más alto, y alcanzas jugar en modo demo para familiarizarte con el colección, algo impensable sobre un casino real.

Más allá relacionado con la posibilidad relacionado con probar los juegos, el casino en internet existe mucho más confortable que los tradicionales, donde ir relacionado con etiqueta es cerca de imprescindible. Puedes apostar desde la holgura del casa, y podemos hacerlo a través de cualquier tipo de dispositivos: tablet, ordenador, smartphone…

Todo ello sin olvidar que suelen ofrecer una mejor cantidad de juegos. Cierto que nadie viviremos el bullicio de un casino, ni disfrutaremos de idéntica forma respetuosamente nuestros amigos, no obstante desde el punto de vista asequible el casino en internet se impone al aparente.

¿Cuál es la mejor casino online?
Expresan que para gustos colores, una máxima que podríamos aplicar a la hora de elegir la mejor casino web. Nombrar un casino como el número 1 es casi tan difícil como ganarle a la grada, ya que depende de cada jugador.

Según tu forma sobre jugar, tus juegos preferidos, los métodos de pago que nos ofrezca, los bonos que tenga, el servicio de atención al cliente, etc. preferirás un casino u otro. Existe que analizar esta es una serie de aspectos antes de mojarse y elegir ellas mejor online casino.

Nosotros lo hemos hecho, y el resultado es la índice que aparece al principio de mi sección con existen hoy en dia mejores casinos web de España, ordenados uno a uno, a partir relacionado con una serie sobre parámetros como bonos, juegos, métodos relacionado con pago y refugio, atención al cliente, valoración de los usuarios, etc.

Eso sí, se procura de un ránking en comparación a evoluciona mes con mes, ya que los casinos en internet no dejan relacionado con sorprendernos con nuevos juegos, promociones, propuestas, etc.

Tips on how to Deposit Real Wealth at Online Traditional casino Canada

June 9th, 2021

Tips on how to Deposit Real Money at Online Gambling establishment Canada

If you romance playing games using your pc than online gambling real money are generally a great way loosen up and have entertainment while playing the internet casino games. There are a hundreds of actual money online casino online websites that offer that may real money video game to enjoy actively playing. However, when you play online online casino you will discovered that the best over the web casino to gain money at could be the one that you’re is the most reliable online casino november 23 money at. Have no idea of real money the net casino to take home some loot money at? Negative aspect money online internet casino is the 1 which has the leading payouts, nice illustrations or photos and great rewards offers.
Real Money Casino wars. Real money slots are full among fun and entertaining action. They are some of extremely games to be because they provide best payout quantity and allow guitarists to have lots of fun while learning to play. Many real money casinos make useful bonus offers could have heard near games such of Aztec Gold and additionally Lucky Sevens for minimum bet. By incorporating of these party games you can grab real money.
Real Money Wagers. There are many real money virtual casino Canada gaming titles that offer the chance win real earnings. Winnings from many of these betting games can quickly distribute up, so it is important to remember that when playing online gambling with real funding you can instantly exceed your money. If you’re careful and watch available for bonuses and sign up a good tournament, you can immediately end up creating a significant amount cash.
Ruby Fortune. An absolute money bonus is known as a a Ruby capital. A ruby fortune is what provides the winnings from major progressive slot pieces of equipment. In order to receive a dark red fortune you have to actually play in the machine. Some internet casinos will give obtainable these bonuses if you haven’t got you having in order to deposit money inside of your account.
Online Reservation Course. Some online gambling dens use reservation arrangements to make this item easy for online poker players to make replacements to their early deposits. You definitely will generally need in make adjustments for you to your bankroll for accommodate any varies to the level of of money you might have in your own account. For example, if your basic deposit is inferior than the uttermost amount of money that can seem withdrawn, then an individual’s account may develop into automatically taken of all the reserve put up. To get a account back across the list, you will will have for make an extra cash deposit to you’re online casino finance.
Deposit absolute money located on an web based casino on the inside Canada on top of that have unique. These kinds of of the web casino gaming applications are excellent and invigorating. There may be many so many different options provided for your site to look at from. Find one for which you may will appear most warm playing, together with then have pleasure in your reside in wonderful rural.

Learn How to Avoid Buying False Advertisements by Utilizing Online Casino Reviews

June 9th, 2021

Which are the best online casinos in Canada and how do you learn more about them so that you could play with the best online casinos in the nation? To begin with you need to know just a little bit about online gambling in general and what can be discovered at the top online casinos. With all these people are becoming online gambling, the top online casinos in Canada have come to be extremely common.
How Do You Get Started Understanding where you have to begin and the pleasure that they provide? When you start your search in the top online casinos, then you’ll see that there is something for almost every participant who wishes to play internet at any given moment. Along with this, you will find reviews of each one of the top players in addition to a listing of a few of the greatest online websites. Canadian players should definitely make the most of this. They could learn from the finest and know the sites to see next.
How Can You Know When a Website is the Perfect One For You? When you find out about online gambling and all the benefits of playing at an online casino in Canada, then you’ll quickly realize that this is an exciting time to become involved. Finding the best site can take a little time and energy. The Canadian reviews will assist you with this too as other elements of online gambling generally.
Are There Free Bitcoins Faucets? Among the advantages of playing at one of the best online casino websites in Canada is your capacity to play with real money – go url. With real cash at stake, you can be certain that you can win, but also which you’re able to play fair and straightforward. One way to guarantee this would be to make the most of those free bitcoin faucets which can be found. These will provide completely free money to try out the website. The best sites won’t only supply the free bitcoin taps, they’ll also offer you all the info that you need in order to determine whether this will be the site for you.
What Exactly Does the Canadian Online Casinos Reviews Say About Your Service? One thing you can count on when you sign up for a casino is that you will not be disappointed. That is because most casinos provide a wonderful service and plenty of enjoyment. That’s the reason you must assess the best casinos in Canada until you make a decision. This will help you make the right choice so you’re able to receive all of the excitement you can from playing and winning online.
Is Online Casinos lawful in Canada? A significant part of planning your visit to Canada is making sure you can stand out of trouble. Since casinos can be considered betting, it is against the law to run one in the nation. But since all internet casinos follow the same guidelines as conventional physical casinos they’re generally legal.
In Canada, all gaming is controlled at the hands of the CRTC. This is the reason you need to read the Canadian Online Casinos Reviews so you’re able to learn what the government believes about online gambling. One thing which lots of folks do not see is that the very best bitcoin taps don’t use real money. In order for a player to win the very top bets, they must play using fake cash through an online casino. Although it might not be real money, it is still regarded legal and you’re permitted to place bets at the casinos.
This is how it is possible to learn which online casino reviews will inform you that online casinos offer the best prices on gaming equipment. Do a little research online and review a few sites and compare their offerings. Then make the best choice you can for your equipment you will need to make sure you can have fun when you are playing in the comfort of your own home!

Mais apetecíveis Cassinos Online do Brasil para 2021

June 7th, 2021

Se você está perguntado os melhores online cassinos para jogadores brasileiros, então você permanecequeda no sítio fixo em Online Casino Magazine(website link). Em nossos cassinos recomendados, o visitante pode ganhar bônus incríveis e jogar uma excelente diversidade de caça-níqueis e jogos de mesa a dinheiro real. Independentemente de sua escolha, ao preferir um de nossos online cassinos melhores classificados, irá ter com toda a certeza uma boa experiência a jogar em linha.

Registre-se em um de nossos mais proveitosos casino online e descubra:

Centenas de jogos grátis e a dinheiro real
Jogos ao vivo genuínos e com qualidade de topo
Porreiro e amigável suporte ao cliente
Medidas de segurança excepcionais
Aliciante bônus por boas-vindas

Como Nossos Peritos Avaliam Cassinos
Histórico e controle de segurança – Antes de checarmos qualquer cassino, investigamos alguns pontos chave que nos indicam se um cassino é de confiança ou não. 1 critério importante é a licença do cassino ou da casa de apostas, pois só ponderamos cassinos com licenças. Outro ponto crítico é a segurança do cassino, onde verificamos se a ligação entre este website e o software é completamente encriptada e usando segurança SSL. Por último, checamos os antecedentes da firma, onde está registrado e quem permanecequeda por detrás dela.

Depositar fundos e falar com o suporte ao cliente – Um aspecto fundamental para este cassino ter uma nota positiva, é a facilidade em depositar fundos. Checamos todos os meios de depósito apresentados e verificamos se os mais populares, como Visa, MasterCard, transferência bancária, PayPal, Neteller e outros, estão incluídos. Durante esse processo, entramos em contato com o suporte ao cliente anonimamente usando um conjunto por perguntas específicas.

Jogar e retirar seus ganhos – O último passo do nossa análise é especialmente provavelmente o ainda mais importante para qualquer jogador de casino online. Com nossos fundos acabados de depositar, jogamos uma grande variedade de jogos de cassino em linha, como os caça-níqueis, jogos de mesa, como o blackjack ou roleta, poker, loterias ou apostas esportivas. Depois de experimentarmos todos os jogos, retiramos nossos ganhos e cassinos de que oferecem retiradas rápidas, ganham pontos em excesso.

Avaliar o Cassino – Se todos os pontos supra forem positivos, da-mos uma nota final e escrevemos uma resenha detalhada sobre nossa experiência. Cada cassino é especialmente revisto a cada 3 meses e nossas notas e resenhas são atualizadas do acordo com a nova saber. Independentemente do cassino, listamos sempre todos os pontos positivos e negativos. Cassinos que tenham uma má pontuação são listados em nossa lista negra, para de que você tenha a certeza que seu dinheiro e seus ganhos estão livres de perigo.

Cassino Online e Jogos a Dinheiro
Se o visitante aprecia de jogos baseados apenas em sua própria sorte, os caça-níqueis são a escolha ideal. O visitante têm a possibilidade de encontrar uma imensa gama de jogos por caça-níqueis, cada um com seus tempos de retirada, regras e temáticas. Jogue a versão muito mais simples e clássica de 3 tambores ou aumente a dificuldade usando uma versão multilinha do caça-níquel.

Caça-níquel com Jackpot Progressivo
Quando se ficar com com sorte, jogue nos caça-níqueis usando jackpot progressivo. Esses jogos estão ligados com outros online cassinos, o que significa que os jackpots chegam facilmente aos milhões de dólares. Não é preciso muita perícia, apenas muita sorte com o objectivo de ganhar!

Vídeo Poker
Pelo vídeo poker o visitante pode criar a mão perfeita, sem ter do jogar contra outros jogadores. É exclusivamente você contra o computador. O melhor por tudo é especialmente que esse jogo possui uma das porcentagens do pagamento muito mais elevada do cassino.

Descubra muitos tipos variados do jogos por poker, desde o poker clássico até ao poker do 3 cartas e o Texas Hold’em. Se o visitante considera que existem perícia e uma excelente cara do poker, vá checar os torneios por poker que estão a decorrer, onde a 100% o teor do prêmios estão à sua própria espera.

Independentemente destes fatores de que levam a uma vitória, você pode confidênciar com imensas variações por blackjack com o objectivo de se divertir. Simples, progressivo, Vegas Strip e blackjack europeu, são somente algumas de opções ao seu talhar.

A ser 1 destes jogos de cassino mais célebre, a roleta pode vir a ser jogada com muita ou pouca estratégia, consoante você desejar. Não perca as variações do roleta europeia, mini roleta e roleta progressiva.

Jogos com Crupiê ao Vivo
Leve este cassino até mesmo sua própria casa tendo jogos de crupiê ao vivo! Ligue-se a 1 cassino real por transmissão de vídeo. Blackjack ao vivo, roleta e poker são exclusivamente algumas de opções que si tem. Fale utilizando o crupiê e vivencie a verdadeira atmosfera do algum cassino pelo conforto de sua própria lar.

Apostas Esportivas
Faça suas apostas em quem vai vencer a próxima rodada por futebol ou opte seu cavalo favorito e aprecie se a sorte estacionaestaficafixa jazepararpermanecequeda do seu lado.

Jogos a Valor Real
Estes mais apetecíveis casino online de jogadores brasileiros têm jogos grátis. Tal é uma óptima maneira com o objectivo de si conhecer este operador e seu software, contudo foi uma experiência por cassino limitada. Com o objectivo de expandir ao máximo seu tempo livre, é nos jogos a recurso financeiro real que conservacontinuademoraestacaestacionaestaficafixa jazepararpermanecequeda toda a diversão e a verdadeira proceder. Essas são algumas das vantagens por jogar a numerário real.

Acesse a coleção final de jogos do cassino
Lucre usando os programas para bônus (incluindo um lucrativo bônus por boas-vindas)
Colecione pontos de fidelização, qual podem vir a ser trocados por ainda mais emprestimos no cassino
Prêmios adicionais e promoções regulares oferecidas pelo cassino
Acesso exclusivo a torneios talvez possa entrar exclusivamente tendo em sua casa convite
Jogos do Cassino Móvel
Em 2019 vários jogadores podem possibilitar querer jogar usando um dispositivo móvel. Você consegue jogar uma bastante seleção de jogos móveis onde quiser e sempre que quiser! Nossos cassinos recomendados são compatíveis usando todos estes smartphones e tablets mais populares, tais como Android, Apple e Windows. Você têm a possibilidade de achar aplicativos para baixar para Android e iOS. A maior parte dos cassinos oferece instant play, ocasionando que o visitante acesse a jogos diretamente a partir do seu navegador de internet favorito. Essa é a melhor maneira do jogar caça-níqueis, jogos de mesa e até jogos com crupiê ao vivo. Certifique-se que não está a usar uma rede pública de Wi-Fi quando o visitante estiver depositando ou retirando numerário do sua conta por cassino, pois não foi nada seguro.

Jogo Responsável
Previamente de si começar a jogar online, é primordial que você compreenda as regras do jogo responsável. Siga essas regras e você irá abster situações estressantes. Para você ser algum jogador responsável, leitores deve:

Olhar o game tais como uma forma de entretenimento e não uma forma do você obter numerário
Não confie o de que você não têm a possibilidade de perder ou não aposte valor que o visitante precise para outros fins (para contas, aluguel e outros)
Perceba e aceite as oportunidades do game e, assim, compreenda as oportunidades por ganhar
Leia estes termos e condições usando sentido
Nunca jogue com o objectivo de voltar a ganhar as suas perdas
Evite beber enquanto

Beneficiarse en WebbySlot Poker: cómo seleccionar un distribuidor en zorro en WebbySlot Poker

June 7th, 2021

Quieres saber más y más sobre el centro en línea mucho más grande del universo y el centro en el cual puedes esparcirse en vivo asociación en WebbySlot, casa de los juegos de casino más y más populares. El espacio de juego es enorme y henchido de un gran espacio. El ruido afuera es casi inexistente. Las personas son amigables y se proporciona un servicio excelente. Esto quiere decir que posee mucho que mostrar, directamente de jugar un gran juego para conocer gentío nueva y deleitarse.

Si está interesado sobre jugar un asociación en vivo sobre WebbySlot, podrá contarse uno en Internet. O bien, pase por este enlace y disfrute sobre su casino sobre vivo de rápido:
Proporcionan servicios de distribuidores sobre vivo en el sala de póquer WebbySlot, una difusión de video póquer en tiempo cierto, la sala sobre póquer de WebbySlot Caribbean, WebbySlot Texas Holdem y WebbySlot Caribbean Stud. El distribuidor Vive en la sala WebbySlot POKER ofrece socorro para principiantes y facilita el colección el juego. La casino en verdadero en WebbySlot es especialmente útil para los novicios, hoy por hoy que fácilmente reúnen longevo interactúan con los distribuidores sobre casinos en zorro primeramente de empezar de jugar bajo juegos favoritos.

Un intermediario de WebbySlot Live está bien equipado con conocimiento sobre los juegos por otra parte siempre se encuentra preparado para ayudar. Él / ella tiene la escrutinio más reciente sobre distintos juegos web, incluso cómo esparcirse por otra parte qué juegos modo recomendables si pretende esparcirse en cierto minuto dado. Asimismo, él / ella asimismo conoce los mejores momentos si pretende jugar en completo casino dado sobre el mundo. En resumen, está palpable de disfrutar de los servicios sobre distribuidores en zorro sobre un grandioso asociación en línea en la comarca sobre WebbySlot Caribe.

Poliedro que la representante en vivo sobre WebbySlot existe confiable y existe entrenado por los principales casinos sobre vivo, seguramente obtendrá el mejor resultado por otra parte una modo sobre juego de aceptación calidad. Puedes confiar en ellos con todas tus necesidades e inquietudes de los juegos de casino sobre vivo. Puede comerciar o vender cualquier cosa sobre el zona web, incluidos monedas, apuestas, regalos longevo incluso en efectivo. Sobre síntesis, puede pasar períodos de diversión también diversión en la comodidad sobre la hogar sin tener que preocuparse por pagar facturas ni tratar con los pagos atrasados sobre sus huéspedes.

Si desea obtener más de la práctica de colección sobre Casino Live Casino WebbySlot, deuda adjudicarse algunas metodologias por otra parte consejos rápidos y fáciles. Una al comprar mejores técnicas implica unirse al software de referencia de WebbySlot. Sobre el programa, obtendrá créditos que pueda llevar para jugar en diferentes casinos sobre vivo. Todo lo que posee que hacer está registrarse con el Casino WebbySlot por otra parte los puntos de ayuda se depositarán automáticamente en el cuenta. Si pretende cada flamante pene que se registre en el software, habrá cierto autoridad acreditado en la cuenta.

Es enormemente importante que halle un apropiado intermediario en zorro en un casino sobre vivo sobre WebbySlot porque tiene la necesidad bajo manos si pretende ayudarlo a ganar. Primeramente de escoger cierto distribuidor en zorro en el situación WebbySlot, debe informarse su apodo palpable y la positiva identidad. Los preferibles distribuidores en verdadero dentro del sitio resultan JONNYIVA y Alex. Puede encomendar en estos 2, hoy por hoy que tienen estado en el negocio del centro sobre línea durante bastante tiempo hoy en día.

Otro consejo está escoger un casino sobre vivo que posee muchos jugadores. Cuantos más jugadores hay dentro del asociación en vivo, cuanto más altos resulten las probabilidades sobre ganar. También debe considerar los pagos en los casinos en vivo que le interesan. Asegúrese de obtener los altos pagos si pretende que pueda ganar y disfrutar sobre la comodidad de su propia edificación.

También debe reparar el casino en línea que pretende jugar dentro del programa de distribuidores en vivo. Hay ciertos casinos en línea que solo aceptan miembros registrados. Supongamos usted es único de esos individuos afortunados para ser elegidos como miembro, seguramente disfrutará sobre todos los beneficios que vienen con ser miembro. Tomas conocer a otros distribuidores vivos y jugar con ellos. También puedes cortas mucho sobre los casinos en tendencia, así como bajo diferentes juegos y estrategias. Por lapso tanto, al esparcirse en el programa de distribuidores en comparación a utiliza el intermediario vivo en WebbySlot, obtiene ganar dinero en efectivo real sin ningún riesgo.

Finding the Greatest Internet Canadian iGaming Websites

June 5th, 2021

It is a fact that online gaming has become hugely popular these days and it is easily observed that millions of people all over the world are taking part in this action. However, this does not indicate that they don’t need to know how to play with their favorite online casino games so as to have fun and make some easy bucks. For newbies from the world of online gaming there are several online casino incentive to get Canadians that they could avail to make their way to the world of gambling without any problem – go to landing page. These online casino bonuses such as Canadians are ideal options which may help them win whenever they play internet casino games.
Online casinos offer their players using the choice of playing for real cash. This makes it even more tempting for people to continue playing despite understanding that they don’t have sufficient cash in their accounts. The very best internet casinos consistently have a broad assortment of slots games, even when the player selects their favourite casino game, then they can either play for real cash or for a demonstration version at free slots casino game lobby. When the player wins, then the actual money winner must take over the casino slot jackpots. This gives them an opportunity to get themselves lucky. Moreover, players that win enormous amounts get to be the envy of additional real money gamblers all over the world.
There are several online gambling in Canada bonuses that gamblers can avail to enhance their odds of winning real cash. One such incentive is Canadian Poor Girl Bonus. This bonus is perfect for people who want to improve their odds of winning real cash by playing internet casino games. Players who wager high enough to acquire the bonus amount will endure a higher prospect of actually getting the amount they bet on. This online casino bonus can give them the boost that they need to keep on playing and to keep earning more.
Another among those Canadian online casinos that offer gambling adventures to its players would be your Lucky Number Slot Machine. This internet casino allows its players to acquire wonderful amounts of money by spinning the roulette wheel. Aside from having the ability to spin the wheel, the players have the choice of picking a number that matches the amount they want to bet. Should they figure out how to find the ideal mix, they acquire the money that correspond to the amount they have chosen.
To make matters easier for players, kahnawake gaming commission has made certain amendments to the original rules of this sport. Earlier, the payout was done in line with the true payout value of the bet. Following this shift, the payout values are adjusted based on the actual operation of each participant. The players and the casino can therefore agree on a change value that’ll be fair to both parties. In this way the online casino operators may continue to give their clients good gaming experiences and at exactly the exact identical time make sure that they will not violate the tax laws of Canada.
Because there are a good deal of casinos on the internet, Kahnawake wanted to make sure that their clients will not get confused. They have hired live dealer games so as to further aid their customers with their gambling requirements. Online gambling has been illegal in Canada because 2021 due to the law named Gambling Act. In this aspect, only licensed casinos are permitted to function in the nation. The live dealer games at the Kahnawake casinos are therefore very useful for the clients because they are easily able to understand the game and play based on the dealer’s instructions.
For men and women who would like to play the best online casino sites in Canada, it’s always best to first look for the websites that offer the best bonuses for players. There are a great deal of websites which provide several types of prizes and bonuses to players. Be careful though when you are choosing the website because not all of them are able to really give you the very best online casino sites online. You have to be very particular with all the bonuses they are offering and if you can, compare each of the bonuses provided by the different websites. Some sites may not offer the very best online casino websites online because of the stipulations which they are offering, and you should therefore look for the best online casino sites on the internet which may give the best bonuses.
The online Canadian casinos must also offer excellent customer support. If you’re having some problems with the website or in the event the online casino has some problems as well, then you should always look for customer service so that you are able to contact them instantly. This is essential in case of any problems which you might experience while playing this sport. The customer support should also have the ability to answer any of your questions regarding the service and the bonuses that the online Canadian casinos are providing. This will ensure that the internet Canadian casinos are going to be able to always bring in the top players around the world and will continue giving them great incentives so that players keep on returning to the site and continue playing the game.